Why Manchester United Snubbed Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale snubbed Manchester United according to some press reports over the last 48 hours. Unconvinced by Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United project, Bale chose to stay at a club whose fans don’t want him, whose President has lost faith in him, and whose players feel they are more balanced without Bale. Sound like a load of nonsense? That’s because it is.

The likely truth is that there’s no way Gareth Bale snubbed Manchester United because for Bale to be given the opportunity to snub us there’d be insurmountable obstacles to hurdle first. For one, Madrid wouldn’t accept the rumoured 92 million accepted when a prime Bale still has years left on his contract and kids like Dembele and Mbappe have just moved for over 130 million each. Not to mention the David De Gea factor.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hear the rest of the story behind why it’s way more likely that United snubbed Bale on the link below.

United Season Review So Far

With the March international break an unnecessary inconvenience we take a look back at Manchester United’s season so far.

Who is your player of the season so far? Who have been the most improved player? What has been your favorite performance and why? What’s been the goal of the season so far? We ask this and more as our regular panelists Mark, Rich, Martin and Alex take questions from our guest presenter Anna.

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