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Manchester United must beat Chelsea

Manchester United are just an expensive Stoke City, Mourinho is no better than LVG, United parked the bus at Anfield….. The list goes on and all I’ve got to say to the above is let the haters hate.

In fact, let’s welcome it. Because in reality all that’s happening is a futile attempt to deflect scrutiny of the haters own failings. In the case of Liverpool, that they’ve been exposed as a side lacking imagination and creativity when a side doesn’t give them the space to do what they want. For the press, that their determined effort to undermine our manager and champion the new boys of Pep, Klopp and Conte isn’t gathering pace. And for other rivals it’s plain old fear. Fear that United are within touching distance of every single one of them despite a mediocre start to the season.

What did I think of the Liverpool game? It was a bit like foreplay. There were really positive parts and there were things we could have done better. But it will all be for nothing if we don’t progress south – against Chelsea.

So does that mean the Chelsea game is a must win? I think it’s unfair to put that pressure on a United side that has a pretty horrific record at Stamford Bridge – only two wins in the last sixteen games. Add in to that the media meltdown and hype around Jose’s return and common sense would suggest this isn’t a game Chelsea can afford to lose. But it’s a game United really could do with winning.

Another point and another battling performance with plenty of heart and commitment wouldn’t be a terrible outcome. However, with Arsenal and City both having very winnable home fixtures this weekend even a well earnt point at Stamford Bridge will see us drift to seven points behind the leaders – not an insurmountable amount but still a healthy gap for two major rivals to have at this time of the season.

Without question four points from Liverpool and Chelsea is exactly what United should be targeting if they want to get back amongst the title challengers. Some might say it’s a big ask from arguably our two hardest fixtures of the season but the way the seasons gone so far we need that sort of boost. Two draws whilst not a disaster, isn’t quite enough, especially after the costly two points we let slip at home to Stoke. But football is an odd mistress and there’s a world of difference between another ground out nil nil draw and a six goal thriller where both sides share the points. So to totally dismiss a draw against Chelsea at this stage would be unfair when it very much depends on the circumstances come six o’clock on Sunday evening.

The positive is that I’m sure Jose Mourinho will go with the intention of taking all three points from his old employers. He’s got more than one point to prove to Chelsea and if he can pull it off it would be the perfect catalyst to kick on and have a great season.

What we mustn’t do is lose.

By Mark Goldbridge

Jose Mourinho WAS Given Manchester United Option Three Years Ago

Jose Mourinho WAS reportedly given the opportunity to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford when the Scot ended his reign at Manchester United three years ago, according to the Daily Mail

It had been thought that David Moyes was the man sought out by Sir Alex Ferguson to follow in his footsteps, but the Daily Mail claim that it was indeed Jose Mourinho who was thought to be the man to pick up the pieces following Ferguson’s departure in 2013, a view shared by many a Manchester United fan at the time.

Mourinho, who tenure at Real Madrid was also coming to an end, was allegedly involved in a two-way meeting with Ed Woodward in the back of a car with the Manchester United executive vice chairman having flown to Spain to try to convince him to take over at the 20-time English champions. However, Woodward saw his advances scuppered after Roman Abramovic had already convinced his former boss to return to Stamford Bridge at Chelsea.

With United diverting their attention to David Moyes, it is thought that Mourinho was interested in the job at Old Trafford, a belief that has long been rumoured following the alleged meeting between him and Sir Alex Ferguson during their Champions League second round tie where Ferguson informed Mourinho of his plan to retire at the end of the current campaign. However, with no offer forthcoming, Chelsea swooped to get their man following the unpopular temporary reign of Rafa Benitez. Spanish journalist Diego Torres famously claimed in his book “Prepárense Para Perder” that Mourinho was furious when he was seemingly overlooked for the job over David Moyes, but these latest reports seem to rubbish those claims.

As we know, Chelsea went on to regain the Premier League title within two years of Mourinho’s appointment, whilst United suffered their worst period of the Premier League era under Moyes and Louis Van Gaal respectively. Three years on, United finally have their man as they look to bring back the glory years to Old Trafford.

Manchester United’s time to silence the Scousers

CLICK HEREWriting this week’s blog I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t in a very dark and lonely place – and I’m not talking about Liverpool’s trophy room. I’m talking the international break. There’s no doubting the international break is a long hard slog. But unlike Liverpool’s twenty six years without a title win, it will come to an end. So hang in there and stay strong.

Seriously though, my advice is to surround yourself with positive things – short video clips of Slippy G costing the Scousers the title always cheer me up – and the international break will be over before you know it. But it’s Liverpool, as you may have guessed already, who are featuring strongly in my thoughts this week. Like a painful little pimple on the backside they are a constant irritating thought that threatens to erupt in to something far bigger this month. October may not quite be a do or die month for United but if it goes wrong our season will be in serious need of life support.

From the mocking tweet the United Stand twitter account received from the official Liverpool account a few weeks back to the constant goading from giddy Liverpool fans, there’s a growing optimism amongst those red scousers that this is the year they will finally knock us off our perch. And what better way to do that than to beat us at Anfield a week on Monday. Am I concerned? The honest answer has to be yes. I hate losing and I really hate it when United lose to Liverpool. So to come away from Anfield with nothing will be a huge kick in the nuts. And just like a kick in the nuts the pain will linger on for a long time after.

Do I expect us to lose though? That’s the big question. And to that I say a defiant NO! We are Manchester United. Yes we’re going in to a pressure cooker environment. Yes this is the Scousers annual Anfield cup final. And yes I’m sure the referee will be desperate to give the biased media exactly what it wants, penalties to Liverpool and Jose’s head served up on a plate so they can stick the knife in some more. But I said it in the summer and I’ll say it here again. United need to build a siege mentality. We need to start fighting and believing and proving the haters wrong. And what better way to do that than to go to Anfield and win.

Can we do it? Yes. Will we do it? Football is a funny old game and we’ll need more than ability to win there. It only takes a weak referee to undermine a good performance but we must go in to that game standing tall and ready to fight from the off.

Which brings me on to my second Liverpool irritant this week. First of all I want to say a huge thankyou to all of you who voted for us in the Football Blogging Awards because The United Stand has made it to the final in two categories. The final will take place LIVE on YouTube on November 17th from Old Trafford and there’s nothing we’d like more than to be stood up collecting an award and thanking the people who really matter – you the fans. But we’re up against it to be honest. And worst of all we’re up against it from Liverpool accounts. Liverpool accounts twice the size of us who will most likely be crowned winners at Old Trafford…It’s enough to make you throw up.

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