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LVG: We are not good enough to win Champions League

Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal says the red devils are not capable of winning the Champions League this season.

Manchester United secured only one point at old Trafford when they faced West ham this Saturday. This is United’s fifth goalless draw over the past nine matches. They have to face a tough challenge vs Wolfsburg this coming Wednesday and it’s likely they will have to secure three points if they wish to see themselves in the round of 16. But van Gaal does not believe in his squad’s ability to win the competition.

“I don’t think that we are able to win the Champions League now,” Van Gaal said on Saturday.

He added, “And we have proven that already, also in the Premier League. But normally we are not good enough to win the Champions League. You can win, and when we are there we shall try to do everything but you also have to be realistic. I’m happy with my squad now but we can strengthen the selection still in [certain] positions, for example the left-back position is not so [well] covered.”

Van Gaal has some hopes that his side can grab a win against the Bundesliga side as they have already secured three points in the home fixture. He believes Manchester United have created more chances in Champions league matches than in the premier league matches.

Towards the end of his talk, Van Gaal spoke about concerns regarding United’s poor finishing. He said, “We have to play against a very good team. I am convinced we can do it but we do not have any luck. Also, we have to be more composed in that situation — especially when you miss chances three metres in front of goal.”

After receiving criticism from football pundits and fans, Louis Van Gaal surely has many things to prove. After United’s scoreless draw against the hammers, many fans are now praying for PSV Eindhoven’s defeat in their clash against CSKA Moscow. PSV’s defeat will surely Book Manchester United’s place in the round of 16.

Read the full article here at the ESPN’s official website.

What do you think of Louis Van Gaal’s tactics? What are the areas in which we should work on to improve our game play? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

Youth policy is a boost for united says U21 Coach

Manchester United U21 team Coach Warren Joyce claimed that Louis Van Gaal’s Youth Policy is boosting United’s transfer chances.

The red devils’ chances of getting top youth talents across the world have been boosted by Louis Van Gaal’s youth policy. Lots of players under warren Joyce’s Under 21 team have been promoted to the Manchester United First team since van Gaal’s arrival.

The Dutch manager Louis Van Gaal has completed around 18 months stay at Old Trafford and During his 18 months in charge, Axel Tuanzebe, Marcus Rashford, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson, Sean Goss, Nick Powell and Andreas Pereira have all made at least one senior match day squad.

Many First team players are missing out important games because of injuries. This is one more reason behind promotion of youth players to the first team squad in order to compensate for the loss of senior talent.

Manchester united U21 Coach Warren Joyce talked to M.E.N. Sport about the Dutch manager’s youth policy. He said, “It’s obviously massive for the club and young players. I’m sure all boys around Manchester must be looking and thinking if they do any good at Manchester United they will get a chance. We haven’t got a lot of numbers so they do get a chance.”
“They get worked, they get opportunities to train with the first team regularly and it’s the same old adage: if you do well enough, you’ll get a chance and if you do well enough when you’re in, you’ll keep there. I think Jesse’s shown that this season.”

Louis Van Gaal also dropped some first team players to U21 team in order to gain form or to solve health related issues. The Dutch manager recently played Sergio Romero and Marouane Fellaini in U21 clash against Liverpool in which Fellaini scored the opening goal.
This shows that this policy of giving youth players more senior team exposure and Playing senior players in U21 team to gain form is working for Manchester United as well as United’s young talent. Warren Joyce believes the youngsters can learn a lot from the first team experience and this is boosting United’s chance of attracting world’s top talent.

Read full article here at the Mirror’s official website.

What do you think of Louis van Gaal’s youth Policy ? Do you think we should promote more youth talent in first team? Have your say and Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

Louis van Gaal is selfish and players are terrified

Louis van Gaal comes under fire again from another ex-Man United player.

In recent weeks Man United boss Louis van Gaal has come under fire from many critics including former Man United players. Roy Keane, Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand have all voiced their concerns on the current state of affairs at the club they once played for.

The latest Louis van Gaal-bashing comes from former Man United and England player Paul Parker. He had this to say:

When Louis van Gaal arrived at United, I thought he too would be flexible. But we now have a situation where there are a lot of discontented players and we have to question why they are playing badly.

I look at Anthony Martial and worry for him. He looks like a boy who doesn’t smile anymore. He doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself. The form Memphis Depay is showing hasn’t just happened because he’s playing in the Premier League. That boy probably feels like a scapegoat.

Ander Herrera is hugely popular with the fans because he makes things happen. Everyone loves to see players like that, but he’s barely playing and is probably unsettled. These players need freedom.

Van Gaal puts the fear of God into players. It has to be his way. He selfishly manages the team. And no one enjoys it. He may be a successful manager, but he must learn – even at his age – to become a good man manager.

At the moment we have to say he’s not man managing that team. All those players he’s got are not bad players, and they’ve not played negative football all their lives. He’s being incredibly stubborn.

Under Van Gaal, every player who has had one bad game has been left out – except for Wayne Rooney.

He’s got to learn not to bear grudges. A player knows when they mistake, what they need is arm around them, not exclusion. What message is that sending out to the rest, other than: ‘that could be me’?

Criticisms aimed at Louis van Gaal are gathering pace and that can be dangerous to the club. If you hear something so much you start to believe it. The last thing Louis van Gaal needs is to lose the faith of his players.

What do you think of Paul Parker’s comments? Do you agree? Do you think players are afraid to express themselves the way they did with their former clubs? The way they did that attracted Louis van Gaal to them in the first place? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

If you would like to read the full article, please visit the Telegraph website by clicking here.

Two steps forward two steps back for United

Manchester United and Paula Abdul. Who’d have thought that would ever be the opening line to our blog? But as the late great Abdul once sang, “two steps forward two steps back” is very appropriate when discussing Louis Van Gaal’s reign at United. Unfortunately, in this instance, opposites don’t attract.

The cold hard truth is, like Anderson in a takeaway queue, United fans are losing patience fast. And who can blame them? Yes Lingard has missed four golden opportunities in the last two games and Martial should have done better with his chance in the first half against PSV. But on the flip side of the coin, how many saves did De Gea make against Watford last week and who could seriously say PSV weren’t good for their draw on Wednesday night? As for the Fellaini substitution, Van Gaal can absolve himself of blame all he likes and blame results on poor finishing but he is solely responsible for that disaster. Love or loathe Fellaini in a United shirt – it’s got to the point now where I have a sick bowl beside me in preparation for his arrival – it’s universally accepted that Fellaini was found out months ago. Mourinho cut down the tree last April and teams have been drilling holes in his game ever since. Bizarrely, Van Gaal seems unable to grasp this truth and has been trying to replant the “felled” tree ever since. It’s dead Louis! Sell it for firewood and move on.

Let’s pretend Fellaini was still effective for a moment though. Is that really how United fans want their club to play? That when things aren’t going to plan in the first half of a game we immediately revert to the Fellaini slow build up, high ball option in the second half? To be blunt – like United’s attack – it’s championship tactics and that’s where Fellaini belongs. That may sound harsh but name me a side in the Premier League that would have him in their first team? Sunderland definitely, Newcastle maybe? Other than that I’d argue that none of them would. The game has moved on since his Everton days and the truth is he’d struggle to make the match day squad of City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool.

But let’s not lose sight of the real issue. It’s not Fellaini’s fault. My gran supports United and if she was offered the chance to play up front for her club I’m sure she’d jump at the chance – chronic arthritis permitting. So we can’t blame Fellaini for being picked. Van Gaal is paid to make these decisions and like a carwash attendant who uses a brillo pad to wax a Ferrari, it’s him who is responsible for the issues we face right now.

Amazingly, a win at Leicester will put us top of the league though. And with two winnable home games and Bournemouth away to come that would give us a massive chance of being top by Christmas Day. With that in mind it’s surely very hard to be LVG out if that becomes a reality? Of course the flip side is, by the middle of December there’s a good chance we’ll be in the Europa League. Unforgivable when you look at the Champions League group we were placed in.

Personally I think both scenarios are highly likely. Which brings us back to the start. Two steps forward two steps back. I suspect I’ve stumbled upon the name of LVG’s United legacy? Or another one might be “How to make winning painful”. Let’s wait and see.

LVG Press Conference: Six Players could miss Watford game

During his Press Conference with MUTV at the AON sports complex on Friday, the reds manager Louis Van Gaal confirmed that six players could miss the away game against Watford this Saturday.

Manchester united manager Louis Van Gaal says Anthony martial and Wayne Rooney are among the absentees for the Watford game. Manager spoke on no. of issues including martial and Carrick’s injury, Wayne’s illness, Lingard’s England call up and Smalling’s outstanding performance this season.

To begin the press conference, Van Gaal said he has spoken to Bastian Schweinsteiger, Anthony martial and Morgan Schneiderlin after they played in the emotional friendly between England and France at Wembley Stadium. Though he didn’t mention anything about their discussion describing it as “private”, he expressed sympathy for the French people.

Furthermore he gave updates on injuries. He said that Rooney was ill following the international break. He also mentioned that Manchester united can solve these problems as they have multi-functional players. The manager also appreciated Chris “Mike” Smalling’s development this season. Smalling stands out as the best centre back in the Premier League this season and he has played a crucial role in building United’s solid defence.

Van Gaal also made it clear that Martial’s injury is not serious but he cannot play the away match against Watford this weekend. He gave an update about Carrick’s injury, saying “Michael is also not a heavy injury; he shall be playing much quicker than everybody has written.”

Antonia Valencia has undergone surgery and will not play at least for two months. Luke Shaw and Marouane Fellaini are also on the sidelines because of their injuries. Fellaini has not played since United’s 1-0 win over CSKA Moscow. He also mentioned that James Wilson could feature in the Watford fixture but not for the full 90 minutes as he does not have match rhythm.

If you want to read updates about van Gaal’s press conference, Read it here on Manchester United’s official blog.

Can Manchester United cope against Watford without Martial and Rooney? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Schweinsteiger urges fans to back LVG

Bastian Schweinsteiger believes Louis van Gaal can succeed at Manchester United as he did at Bayern Munich.

The World Cup winner says that Bayern Munich fans were unsure of van Gaal at the beginning. And that it took a while for the players to become accustomed to the Dutchman’s style of play. But Bayern Munich went on to win the double.

In response to claims that Manchester United are lacking in goals, Schweinsteinger notes that it is not too dissimilar in Germany. The midfield maestro points out that Bayern Munich recently drew 0-0 with Frankfurt; unable to break down a team that were playing with 10 men behind the ball.

To read the full article on the Guardian website, click here.

Where do you stand on Louis van Gaals style? Is Schweinsteiger right to ask for patience? Join the discussion in the United Stand fan forum by clicking here.

Van Gaal on the Rocks? The Goldbridge Blog

Van Gaal on the Rocks?

It’s always easy to sensationalise events at Manchester United, especially when the media get involved. A run of the mill home game against Swansea can be hyped up to epic proportions with the right headline – I’m thinking “Shelvey plans to urinate on pitch if Swans beat United”. Feeling pumped up? That’s how the media works and it’s why Sky has been so successful over the years. They can make an end of season dead rubber game between Stoke & West Ham sound like a title deciding El Classico with a well constructed musical montage and the right voiceover – although they quite rightly draw the line at trying to turn Michael Owen in to a credible and interesting presenter. Definitely dodged a tin of grey paint throwing BT Sports under the bus with Owen there.

Back to United though and Manchester United v West Brom on Saturday afternoon is a season defining game and one that really does need building up. In normal circumstances it would be a home banker where three points would be as routine as Arsenal getting embarrassed in Europe. But this year’s it’s different. This year there’s an air of uncertainty round Old Trafford that us fans are finding extremely hard to come to terms with. And Saturday’s performance will go a long way to deciding where that uncertainty ends.

In the Autumn of 2013 David Moyes lost his first league game at Old Trafford two one to West Brom and the scene was set for what would lead to Moyes departure the following April. On Saturday Van Gaal faces a West Brom side that is well organised under Tony Pulis. But more importantly they face a West Brom side that will park the bus far more effectively than CSKA Moscow and offer a very real threat on the counter and from set pieces. In short, United will be tested and any win would be a huge positive.

But like Anderson at an all you can eat buffet, one plate of food isn’t enough. We need more on Saturday. There’s no escaping the fact that the United faithful, especially the home and away support are growing restless. They’re tired of the uninspiring football. They’re embarrassed that we sit bottom of the league when it comes to chances to created. And they want football played the United Way.

What is the United Way? One follower on Twitter actually accused me in the week of being obsessed with Sir Alex’s reign and stated “The United Way? Don’t you mean the Sir Alex way?” No we don’t. We mean the United Way. It wasn’t a concept born during the reign of Sir Alex, it dates back decades right through our history and exciting football is the key.

So on Saturday afternoon United must entertain. To be precise, LVG must entertain us, Rooney must continue his improvement and United must win. Yes you could argue that if we play well and lose by the odd goal in unfortunate circumstances they deserve a let off. But let’s be honest. If our current Manchester United side play well West Brom won’t get close.

United fans expect Louis. And I for one can’t wait. Come on United!

By Mark Goldbridge

Paul Scholes blasts LVG style

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes criticises Louis van Gaal’s playing style.

The midfield maestro, talking to BBC Radio Manchester, has said that he would not like playing in the system Louis van Gaal uses.

He also says that although the team are coached brilliantly defensively, they lack creativity and risk.

How do you feel about the LVG philosophy? Are you for or against? Let us know below in the comments or join the discussion in our fan forum here.

You can read the full article on the BBC website here.

Memphis given warning

Under performing Memphis Depay receives warning from boss Louis van Gaal.

Following his arrival in the summer, Memphis had a bright start to his Manchester United career, scoring two against FC Bruges, one against former club PSV and one away at Sunderland.

However, in recent weeks the 21 year old has struggled to live up to his own and the fans’ expectations.

This has led to the former Eredivisie star receiving a warning from manager Louis van Gaal with the boss saying that Memphis could suffer the same fate as former United stars Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao.

Louis van Gaal had this to say:

Ryan has already given advice to him but the player is responsible for his own deeds,

You have to give respect to your team philosophy.

Read the full article on the Sky Sports website here.

Do you think Memphis will come good or do you think he will end up leaving Old Trafford next summer? Leave us a comment below.