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Mourinho Reveals Summer Transfer Targets

Jose Mourinho has indicated he will sign two midfielders this summer, as he looks to strengthen an area that currently looks bereft of ideas and cohesion.

With Michael Carrick retiring Mourinho already knew he’d need to bring in at least one midfield replacement this summer. However, with Marouane Fellaini yet to sign a new contract and free to leave in the summer that would force Mourinho in to making two midfielder signings.

With Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matic, Ander Herrera and Scott McTominay Mourinho’s only midfield options if Carrick and Fellaini leave, it’s not hard to see why United will need strengthen. Even with Fellaini and Carrick Manchester United currently look decidedly lightweight in the midfield, and many United fans feel that Mourinho should already have been prioritising the midfield area regardless of departures.

With the January transfer window shut Mourinho will have to wait until the summer to remedy the issue and that at least gives him a few months to assess his options and scout the possibilities.

So who might be on Mourinho’s scouting list? Milinković-Savić of Lazio, Jorginho of Napoli, Seri of Nice, and Fabinho of Monaco are four names that instantly spring to mind and with the current state of Manchester United’s midfield any two from that four would certainly improve Mourinho’s options. Although it shouldn’t be forgotten that Mourinho likes players who are established in the premier league and there are some suggestions that he’ll go back for Eric Dier from Tottenham if as many expect, Tottenham fail to qualify for the Champions League and a mass exodus ensues.

Anthony Martial’s Future in Doubt Again!

Anthony Martial’s future at Manchester United has been thrown in to doubt again by Jose Mourinho’s recent actions.

Arguably Manchester United’s player of the season, Martial has excelled on the left hand side of United’s attack providing numerous goals and assists that like Burnley a couple of weeks ago, have turned out to be match winning contributions. However, with the signing of Alexis Sanchez, Martial immediately found himself shoved out to the right hand side against Tottenham, to allow Sanchez to take up his position on the left hand side of the attack.

What message that sends to Martial’s confidence only time will tell, especially when he’s worked tirelessly this season to impress a publicly sceptical Mourinho and delivered the goods.
Martial was back on the left hand side for the second half against Spurs, with Alexis Sanchez moving in the number ten position. But it again it raises the question of how much does Jose Mourinho truly trust and rate Anthony Martial?

It’s been a bumpy ride for Martial over the last eighteen months under Jose with Mourinho constantly criticising Martial whilst championing the more limited talents of Fellaini, Lingard and Rashford. Anthony Martial is without question one of the most exciting young forwards in world football and a firm fan favourite with the majority of Manchester United fans. But Mourinho doesn’t appear to share that excitement for Martial and ultimately it’s Mourinho who will dictate Martial’s Manchester United future.

Signing Alexis Sanchez was a huge statement by the club. But even signing a player of Sanchez’s calibre would be viewed as a waste of time by most fans if that signing was made to replace Martial, who was already established as United’s player of the season elect. Sanchez is required in one of United’s weaker attacking positions as either a right sided attacker or a number ten. But maybe Mourinho has other plans? And those plans may not involve Anthony Martial? Much to the frustration of many Manchester United fans.

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Mourinho Won’t Leave Manchester United

Jose Mourinho isn’t leaving Manchester United any time soon.

Second in the league and comfortably top of their Champions League group after four games, not to mention Europa League and League Cup champions, Mourinho has no need to let his mind wander from anything other than making Manchester United the best side in Europe again. Yes, there’s been disappointments in October but the cold hard truth is Mourinho is achieving and progressing as Manchester United manager.

As for reported PSG interest. Of course PSG are interested in the biggest name in football management! But to believe that Mourinho is about to down tools and walk out a quitter from the biggest club in the world would be ridiculously naive. Let’s remember what week it is for a start. International week in November, football’s equivalent of watching repeats of Holby City. International breaks aren’t the most riveting at the best of times but the November break really does take the biscuit as the worst of the lot. Most international sides have qualified or been knocked out of the World cup so it’s essentially the most boring two weeks of the football season. Which means media outlets need to get creative to generate views, income and interest.

What better way to do that than to focus on the biggest club in the land, Manchester United, and a bit of controversy, Mourinho wants to leave. Because that’s what we’re facing, media outlets spinning a yarn to generate interest in their sourceless bile. Because Mourinho isn’t going anywhere unless Manchester United force him out. And why would they? He’s progressed the club fantastically well over the last 12 months and in the face of a Pep Guardiola Manchester City, who have unlimited resources, Mourinho has positioned United as the number one rival to City. Which for a club that’s finished outside the top four three times in the last four years shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Of course it’s not going to be easy for Mourinho to take on Pep and beat him, but those who think Jose will walk away from that battle clearly haven’t done their research on a man whose spent his life battling against the odds.

Manchester United’s future is in safe hands under Mourinho. He’s going nowhere.

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Why Jose Mourinho Is More Dangerous Than Ever!

Jose Mourinho suddenly finds himself master of all he conveys at Manchester United. Top of the league with maximum points, no goals conceded and a favourable goal difference, his start to the season has been flawless. Add in to that a relatively straightforward set of fixtures to start the season, rivals failing spectacularly in their efforts to land key signings on transfer deadline day, and a good Champions League draw, and it’s easy to see why Mourinho seems to have his mojo back.

Which is exactly why rivals, the press, and even Manchester United fans should beware. History shows us that Jose Mourinho in total control of what he’s trying to achieve only leads to one thing. Success.

History also shows us that whilst riding that wave of success Mourinho has a tendency to believe his own hype and fall off. Will Mourinho learn from the mistakes of the past, is it too early to predict he’s back to his enigmatic best? Watch and join the discussion on The United Stand YouTube debate.

Are Manchester United Better Under Jose Mourinho?

Some people like fast cars. Others enjoy fine dining while some like nothing more than settling down at the end of the day with a glass of wine and an episode of Eastenders. As for me, I get excited when I unearth a new statistic article.

I know, I know, it’s pretty depressing right? I don’t know why, but something feels pretty damn good about being able to pull out another useless piece of information as a trump card in yet another football related argument. So imagine my delight when I woke up this morning to a fantastic piece comparing United’s start to this campaign to that of last season under LVG, courtesy of Sky Sports.

It is worth noting at this point that, at the same stage last season, United were top of the table and three points better off than they currently stand today, a statistic that has been pointed out to myself, as I am sure it has many a United fan, several times since Sunday afternoon. However, that statistic alone doesn’t begin to tell even half the tale.

Perhaps the most compelling statistic of the piece is the percentile gem which lists United as top of the pile when it comes to shots on goal this season, with 92, compared to 54 last season, which was placed as the 17th best in the Premier League.

As we are well aware, United last season became almost a chore to watch. Sideways and backwards passing became the norm, whilst attacks on goal were just a mere rose-tinted memory of the Sir Alex Ferguson days. Mourinho seems to have altered the mentality of the squad in his short stint as manager, cutting the amount of passes down to 3623 from 4053. Interestingly, 31.5% of these passes have come within the final third, a near 2% jump on last season.

David Moyes was famously criticised during his tenure as Manchester United boss for throwing cross after cross into the opposition box, with LVG opting to play patient passing football in order to create the killer chance. Mourinho has opted with a mixture of the two to try and recreate the attacking fluidity of that seen during United’s stellar years, seeing his side launch 179 crosses, the 2nd best in the Premier League, compared to only 123 last term.

Mourinho also seems content with allowing the opposition to do all the running, with United currently sitting bottom of the pile when it comes to distance covered, with 735.6km. This could be key when it comes to the latter parts of the season when it comes to the fitness of key players. Under LVG, the team had covered almost 70km more than that seen by Mourinho’s men. Interestingly, United have completed over 150 more sprints than at the same stage as last season, with 3524, with that evidence pointing to the fact that Mourinho is trying to insert a more counter-attacking feel to his side.

See, hasn’t that made you feel better? We may have felt smug when we sat at the top of the tree in early October 2015 but lest us forget how quickly that smugness faded. Whilst we may be in sixth, the stats don’t lie. This is a United team that creates chances and that is giving us reason to enjoy life at Old Trafford once again.

Forget your fast cars, your fine dining, wine and Eastenders…give me a statistic piece to digest any day!

James Wilson not in Mourinho’s plans

Jose Mourinho will reportedly tell James Wilson he is not in his plans for next season and is free to go on loan.

Wilson burst onto the Old Trafford scene scoring 2 goals in a 3-1 win over Hull in 2014 during his full first team debut.

Wilson spent last season on loan at Brighton after ex manager Louis Van Gaal deemed him surplus to requirements as Jose Mourinho seemingly does also.

James Wilson has spent the 2015/16 season on loan at Brighton (Picture: standard.co.uk)
James Wilson has spent the 2015/16 season on loan at Brighton (Picture: standard.co.uk)

During his loan spell at Brighton James Wilson scored 5 goals on the way to The Championship play-offs. However this does not seemed to have convinced “The Special One” of his ability to claim a spot in his United squad. The Sun are reporting that Wilson will have a meeting with Mourinho next week to be told he is not in his plans for the coming season.

James Wilson will not be short of options

The report from The Sun suggests that the rise of Marcus Rashford has had an impact on the development of Wilson. With Rashford now being the hottest youth prospect at United Wilson will seemingly be left in the cold.

Wilson will not be without options for next season with both Aston Villa and Birmingham keen on signing him.

Let us know if you would send Wilson on loan next season or keep him at Old Trafford?

Rooney happy in midfield role and hopes to extend contract

As Mourinho gets accustomed to the role of Manchester United manager, he will be devising a plan to bring his team back to the top of the premiership. Within those considerations will be captain Wayne Rooney and how to best utilise the record goal-scorer in the team.

According to the Daily Mail, Rooney is eyeing a permanent move to central midfield, a role in which he has been deployed in the latter stages of the season for United and currently for England in the Euros.

The Englishman has acknowledged he is no longer the same player that burst onto the scene with a hat-trick with a canning ability to skip past defenders and place fear into a goalkeeper. Rather, Rooney realises what Sir Alex Ferguson identified three seasons ago: the forward needs to move into midfield to prolong his career at Manchester United.

Wayne Rooney scores hat-trick on United debut against Fenerbahce (Picture: dailymail.co.uk)
Wayne Rooney scores hat-trick on United debut against Fenerbahce (Picture: dailymail.co.uk)

There is no doubting, while gifted, the Everton-product will need time to adjust into his new role. Rooney’s performance against Russia in the Euros portrayed his ability to dictate the pace of the game while illustrating the skill to execute a long-range pass and pick out a ball for a striker.

However, while effortless, Rooney provided a less-convincing performance against Wales, losing the ball and choosing the wrong pass.

It is worth noting Rooney, while experienced, is fairly new to a midfield role. He is also playing with Eric Dier and Deli Alli: talented, but young footballers who do not have the ability to dictate game-play.

That makes Rooney’s performances for England more difficult, given he is expected to run a game despite playing less than half a season in that position.

This will not be an issue at United with many talented midfielders such as Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin and Carrick who can dictate play, freeing Rooney to push forward as a box-to-box midfielder and present a goal threat.

Wayne Rooney has adopted a midfield role for both club and country (Picture: blog.paddypower.com)
Wayne Rooney has adopted a midfield role for both club and country (Picture: blog.paddypower.com)

Having played as a first or second striker for the majority of his career, it also provides United with a player who understands the runs a striker will attempt to make.

It will take time, but Wayne Rooney has all the tools to be a success in midfield, thus prolonging his career at Manchester United. With three years to run on the English and Manchester United captain’s contract, time will be afforded for performances to be at a level expected. Mourinho’s recent sentiments suggesting Rooney can retire at United also work into his favour.

He will always have his critics, but expect Rooney to flourish in a midfield role. Who knows? He might just earn himself a stay at Old Trafford for life.

Your Aussie Correspondent,
Larry – The United Stand.

Andreas Pereira – A star ready to shine

Footage of Louis Van Gaal leaving Carrington for the final time brought a smile back to the vast majority of the united faithful in the knowing that the Dutchman’s reign at Old Trafford was well and truly over, but few would have had a smile on their face as wide as Andreas Pereira.

Under Van Gaal Pereira failed to be given a proper run in the first team, with the youngster more often than not finding himself involved with the Under 21’s.

His lack of first team football led to speculation that the 20 year old was seeking a move away from the Theatre of Dreams and in many respects you could understand why. However, with the arrival of Jose Mourinho, this could be exactly what Pereira needs.

Let’s be honest here. With Pereira we aren’t just talking about a player who can go on to become a good all round footballer, we are talking about a player who could potentially go on and become a Ballon D’or Winner. The hype and anticipation surrounding the star is much similar to the days of a certain Paul Pogba and we all know how that panned out.

Mourinho is no fool and will be fully aware of Pereira’s potential.  The fact he is only 20 years old and has little first team experience matters little, he will no doubt be given a proper chance in the first team to impress his new boss. If your good enough you’re old enough, just look at Rashford.

Do you think Pereira will be given more game time under Jose Mourinho? Let us know in the comments below.

David de Gea wants to stay at United

Last summer David de Gea came close to signing for Real Madrid. Shortly afterward he signed a new contract with Manchester United.

Since that transfer saga, de Gea has been continuously linked with a move to the Bernabeu.

In an interview with Marca, published today, de Gea has spoken about making “a great team” with “winner” Jose Mourinho.

The Spaniard had this to say:

“Talk about Jose Mourinho and you’re talking about a winner.

“Winning is United’s, Jose’s and my philosophy. We can make a great team and I welcome him.

“I’ve got three more years on my contract with United and the desire to win more titles here.

“When it comes to United, if you don’t win everything, it’s not good enough.

“The FA Cup is important for the club, it’s important for the fans, and it’s an important step towards winning major titles again.”

So it seems like de Gea is happy at Old Trafford and it’s clear from his actions on the pitch that he loves the club. I’m confident he will remain at United, at least for another season. Are you?

Do you think David de Gea will stay at United this summer?

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be the man to take United to the top

Whenever Jose Mourinho’s name was linked with Manchester United, the name Zlatan Ibrahimovic hasn’t been too far behind. Since working together at Inter Milan back in 2009 the pair have struck up a close relationship with one another, with of course one-stand out passion that lies close to each other hearts, their mutual displeasure toward Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola.

It is no secret Pep Guardiola isn’t exactly high on Jose Mourinho’s Christmas card list, nor is it a surprise he isn’t too high on Zlatans. Mourinho’s rivalry with the Spaniard dates back to when the Portuguese managed Real Madrid between 2010-2013, whilst Zlatan’s rivalry dates back to his brief stay at the Nou Camp in 2010, where despite scoring 21 goals for Barcelona was sold a year later to AC Milan.

Their sheer hatred for Guardiola alone could already be seen as us having an upper hand before the season even kicks off. Both have points to prove, Mourinho to show the footballing world that he is truly the best manager on the planet, whilst Zlatan to prove that age really is just a number.

To sit here and say signing Ibrahimovic would not be gamble would be silly as let’s face it, it is a gamble, it’s a massive gamble, but it is a gamble worth taking. Sections of the older generation at Old Trafford have even likened Zlatan to a former United great in Eric Cantona and it is easy to see why. Both display on the football field a certain confidence, arrogance if you will that make them winners. To become successful on the pitch you need a player with that charisma in your side and with Zlatan he has exactly that and Mourinho knows it.

The main negative aspects surrounding this potential signing all point to the youth, more specifically at Marcus Rashford. Rashford’s superb end to last season will not go un-noticed, if anything the arrival of Ibrahimovic would only help the youngster. Training and playing alongside one of the finest strikers of our generation in Ibrahimovic can only be a positive for Rashford, and one he could gain invaluable experience from.

It remains to be seen whether we do indeed sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but one thing is for sure if Zlatan Ibrahimovic is wearing the colours of Manchester United next season, we are already one up on our noisy neighbours before the season has even begun and they know it.