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De Gea Still Seeking Manchester United Exit?

David De Gea to Real Madrid rumours are like wasps round a can of coke, irritating and normally confined to the summer months.

However, international breaks can be like mini summer holidays for players and if rumours are to be believed David De Gea is enjoying the company of his fellow Spanish internationals so much that’s he’s been bending the ear of Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos with the purpose of obtaining a dream move to Real Madrid.

Now, I must first quantify that the only outlet currently running this story is the Daily Star – who to put it kindly, aren’t the greatest source of information when it comes to transfer news. So do Manchester United fans have cause for concern?

I think not. For one, the season has only just begun, the transfer window is shut, and having come off the hectic summer months news outlets are looking for stories to pull in readers. Will De Gea leave next summer? Who knows? I personally thought he’d go this summer and he’s still here, and it’s got to that stage now where I see every year he stays as a bonus. Only yesterday De Gea was waxing lyrical about how much he loves playing for Manchester United, and with his Spanish teammates like Herrera and Mata at United there’s no reason not to believe him. Maybe he does want a move back home at some stage, and if he does should we really begrudge him one?

For now De Gea is here and we should enjoy having the world’s best keeper between the Old Trafford sticks. Who knows, he could be here another ten years yet?

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Real Madrid consider swapping star player for De Gea

Real Madrid are currently considering whether to include French defender Raphael Varane or Spanish forward Alvaro Morata in a potential deal to lure David De Gea to the Santiago Bernabeu, according to the Metro.

The Spanish Champions are desperate to seal a deal for the shot stopper, but United are standing firm and are adamant not to sell their star keeper. The Spanish giants have made De Gea their number one transfer target and they know that they have a difficult task to convince United to sell the player.

David De Gea is Real Madrid's main target this summer. (Picture: skysports.com)
David De Gea is Real Madrid’s main target this summer. (Picture: skysports.com)

The Red Devils have put an £80million price tag on De Gea, however Real Madrid are hopeful that with the addition of Morata or Varane to the deal, the price will decrease significantly.

Varane worked with Mourinho previously and could be included in a swap deal. (Picture: Marca.com)
Varane worked with Mourinho previously and could be included in a swap deal. (Picture: Marca.com)

United have been linked strongly with Varane this week, with Sky Sports breaking the news that the Europa League Champions are interested in the defender, who became the youngest player ever to win three Champions League winner’s medals as Madrid tore apart Juventus in Cardiff.

Morata is also an option for United, with the striker confirming yesterday that reports of a done deal with AC Milan were false. To buy either player without De Gea as part of the deal would cost Jose Mourinho a huge sum of money, so this swap deal may interest the United boss.

Morata may also be used in a swap deal for De Gea. (Picture: sky sports.com)
Morata may also be used in a swap deal for De Gea. (Picture: sky sports.com)

The Daily Mail is claiming that Mourinho is willing to sell the Spanish keeper, but only if he has secured an adequate replacement first. United already have Argentine Sergio Romero, who in my opinion is good enough to replace De Gea ,as he has been impressive this season whenever he has played.

In my opinion, United should only accept an offer of £60million plus Varane, and this is just the minimum. De Gea is possibly the best goalkeeper in the world and will be for next decade or so which means he is worth about £100 alone.

What are your thoughts? How much would you allow De Gea to leave for?

Would you rather have Varane or Morata if there was a swap deal?

Leave a comment below or get in touch on social media!

David De Gea: The Irreplaceable Man

As always, during the transfer window, there is a great deal of speculation and conjecture which surrounds the possible movements of players into and out of our club. As I write this, we have just sold Memphis Depay to Lyon and, earlier in the window, allowed Morgan Schneiderlin to leave for Everton.  Both players’ sales have fuelled debate as fans argue whether their sales were justified, or whether they could have carved niches into the Manchester United team, as starters or within the supporting squad cast.

Furthermore, there has been ceaseless debate about how to replace Michael Carrick, who approaching 36, is coming to the end of his illustrious career at Manchester United. Even Old Father Time, whom Carrick has somehow eluded thus far, appears to be catching up with him and the theories on how to replace him have abounded.

As I ruminated over these issues during the last week, I began to formulate a hypothesis that there could be an “irreplaceable” player. As I perused the most prime candidates for this accolade, I considered the merits in particular of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba but then realised who, ultimately, in my opinion, is in a league of his own.

The man for whom an infamous fax machine malfunction prevented him moving to Real Madrid, the only man who every single rival fan admits is truly world class in our ranks and the man who has the complete trust of his fellow players.  The answer, of course, is David De Gea. To analyse whether he truly is irreplaceable we must consider his Manchester United career:

When De Gea arrived at the club in 2011, it was for a British record fee for a goalkeeper of roughly 17.8 million. I firmly believe that no fan of our club would say that since then we have been short-changed in the slightest and we have received more than a commensurate level of vital saves and performances which have cemented him as a firm favourite.  Although he struggled in his first season and was criticised roundly, De Gea showed the mental character and resolve necessary to stick around and prove his mettle and his worth.  Peter Schmeichel commented regarding the early period of De Gea’s United tenure:

“I admire David De Gea. I cannot remember anyone coming into Manchester United and being criticised the way he was. He was the subject of every debate in the media. You haven’t seen De Gea defend himself in the media or shifting the blame elsewhere. He just gets on with it.”

As I read through other comments about De Gea, it is striking how many reflect or allude to his incredible calmness and composure, a fantastic attribute to have when you are a goalkeeper with all the pressures and scrutiny that the role provides.  In the 2012-13 Season, at the tender age of just 22, De Gea was voted into the PFA Premier League Team of the Year as we won the Premier League keeping 11 clean sheets in 28 appearances.

Additionally, he also won the 1st of his Sir Matt Busby awards, which showed the high esteem he had become held in, during only his second season in the Premier League. De Gea also showcased that when it came to incredible stops he was already among the best at this young age, a particularly incredible save from a Torres header a highlight.

In the 2013-14 Season David De Gea won the Save of the Season for an incredible save from that year’s form player, the unstoppable Luis Suarez, who left Phil Jones eating dirt but whose rifled shot from point blank range was somehow parried by De Gea. It was an example yet again, over the past few years, where De Gea had provided a resolute wall, in the face of some pretty abject defending from his United team mates. This year he was named as both the Fans’ Player of the Year and the club’s Players’ Player of the Year.

By 2014-15 David De Gea had already established himself as our most valuable player in his compatriots’ eyes and went on to demonstrate further heroics in this season.  On the 5th October 2014, De Gea became the first goalkeeper to save a penalty from Leighton Baines, who had converted all of his prior 14 Premier League penalties. Again, De Gea was named in the PFA Team of the Year for the second time, reclaiming the title that Petr Cech had won the previous year. A save against Everton again earned him the Premier League Save of the Season.

By this point De Gea had attracted great desire from Real Madrid, and in the summer of 2015, an agreement was reached for roughly 29 million, which included Keylor Navas being offered in part exchange. Fortuitously, the deal collapsed due to the paperwork not being submitted before the transfer window closed in Spain. On the 11th September, De Gea signed a new four year deal for the Red Devils to allay any further concerns about losing him for the immediate future. He put aside any personal feelings of disappointment and set about proving himself. Most notably with another quite astonishing save against Watford which won him the Save of the Season for the third consecutive time.

The club itself showed no ill feeling and he became the first player ever to win Manchester United’s Player of the Year for three consecutive seasons.  This is perhaps the most remarkable achievement, even amongst so many detailed above, given the illustrious and supremely talented players we have had at Manchester United over the years.

This season (2016-17), there has been a feeling among some supporters that De Gea’s level has dipped when compared with previous seasons. Indeed there is a call that, as rumours again surface about Real Madrid’s possible renewed interest, he could be replaced easily. This complacency and laissez-faire attitude is not borne out by the achievements I have laid out above nor reflective of De Gea’s vast importance to the team.

Some younger readers may not remember the goalkeepers which we had between Schmeichel and Van Der Sar. I struggle, even as I write the names, to block the hideous memories coming back to me. Raimond Van Der Gouw, Mark Bosnich whom Sir Alex Ferguson dubbed a “terrible professional” in his autobiography, Massimo Taibi (the worst of the bunch, in my opinion, who allowed a grass cutter to roll through his legs, in ignominious fashion against Southampton), Fabian Barthez (who famously asked Di Canio whether he could go to the toilet with his hand up in an FA Cup Match, claiming offside as the Italian swept the ball past him for the winner), Roy Carroll ( who will forever be remembered for allowing Pedro Mendes’ shot to creep over the line in the goal that never was) and Tim Howard among the most notable incumbents during this period.  Having to revisit these painful memories is justified in this case because it shows us that it can take years to find a worthwhile goalkeeper in particular.

Rival fans always try to insinuate that their keeper is better than De Gea but the facts do not bear these assertions to be true.  Two goalkeepers who are often mentioned as better than De Gea this season are Thibaut Courtois of Chelsea and Hugo Lloris of Tottenham Hotspur.

As I looked through the annals of the Sky Sports website, I came across a veritable diamond of an article, which demonstrates unequivocally why David De Gea is a better goalkeeper than not just these two, but all other top goalkeepers in the Premier League also. The global agency World In Motion’s head of research and analytics Sam Jackson studied each of the top goalkeeper’s shot stopping in greater depth. His model consists of two factors-how well a keeper responds to a shot on target and the difficulty of each shot he faced.

De Gea, on both these scales, came second out of the keepers from all six top clubs. Lloris, who came first in response to shots on target, crucially also, had the easiest level of shots to face. Courtois, similarly although first in terms of dealing with the most difficult shots, ranks 5th out of the 7 keepers studied for response.  On the final graph which shows the evidence combined, De Gea is comfortably ahead of any other keeper. Jackson summated “De Gea appears an elite shot stopper” and went on to say that “Lloris, meanwhile, has been heralded by many for keeping so many clean sheets for Spurs this year, yet he has faced the easiest shots of any of the ‘keepers at the top six clubs.”

The article, which I have included a link to below, indicates in a rational, scientific and unbiased way what I, and many United fans surmised, that De Gea is simply the best keeper in the Premier League. This, in what some United fans have called his worst season for the club, demands that we consider whether De Gea is not our most valuable asset.

How do you replace someone who is arguably not just the best goalkeeper in the Premier League but the entire world?  Someone who has shown time and time again, that he can make saves that no other goalkeeper would, on a regular basis. The saves he has already made this season at key moments, of such effulgent beauty to take away my breath, like that against James McArthur of Crystal Palace and Philippe Coutinho of Liverpool. In my view, any goalkeeper you would bring in would be a downgrade on De Gea, who has proven himself on innumerable occasions to be truly invaluable in goal.

As Vladimir Nabokov remarked:

“The goalkeeper is the lone eagle, the man of mystery, the last defender”. 

There is artistry to goalkeeping that is often underappreciated as they perform the job that no one else wants, they are alone and the last bastion of the defensive line. They are the keystone in the unit that provide the support that fortifies the rest of the team.  Bearing this in mind, should we allow our keystone to move to Real Madrid? Is it really that easy to replace someone of De Gea’s class? In my book, allowing our most invaluable player to move to Real Madrid is not a situation we should allow as we did when Ronaldo left in 2009. Not if we want to seriously challenge for the Premier League and the Champions League and have ambitions of cementing ourselves as the world’s best club once more.  There are some players whose value transcends any monetary value offered and David De Gea, most certainly, is one of those who fall firmly in this irreplaceable category.



Sky Sports Article Regarding Goalkeeping Study: http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/10731973/chelsea-tottenham-liverpool-man-city-man-utd-arsenal-39keepers-ranked


David de Gea wants to stay at United

Last summer David de Gea came close to signing for Real Madrid. Shortly afterward he signed a new contract with Manchester United.

Since that transfer saga, de Gea has been continuously linked with a move to the Bernabeu.

In an interview with Marca, published today, de Gea has spoken about making “a great team” with “winner” Jose Mourinho.

The Spaniard had this to say:

“Talk about Jose Mourinho and you’re talking about a winner.

“Winning is United’s, Jose’s and my philosophy. We can make a great team and I welcome him.

“I’ve got three more years on my contract with United and the desire to win more titles here.

“When it comes to United, if you don’t win everything, it’s not good enough.

“The FA Cup is important for the club, it’s important for the fans, and it’s an important step towards winning major titles again.”

So it seems like de Gea is happy at Old Trafford and it’s clear from his actions on the pitch that he loves the club. I’m confident he will remain at United, at least for another season. Are you?

Do you think David de Gea will stay at United this summer?

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David de Gea likely to leave if LVG stays

There have been a lot of rumours recently of players United are apparently scouting or interested in, but there have been very few rumours of players leaving. There is one exception, however, and it’s a player no one wants to see leave: David de Gea.

It is understood that the Manchester United goalkeeper’s relationship with Louis van Gaal has deteriorated recently and the Spaniard is considering leaving Old Trafford in the summer if the red devils don’t appoint a new manager.

David de Gea came close to leaving United last summer when a proposed money-plus-player (Keylor Navas) deal collapsed in the final moments of the transfer window.

Despite another fantastic season between the sticks, it is believed that de Gea will wait and see what happens with the managerial situation before committing to Manchester United.

Missing out on the Champions League has a huge part to play in de Gea’s uncertainty, however, he may stay if United appoint Jose Mourinho. Both him and de Gea have the same agent in Jorge Mendez.

David De Gea is Manchester United’s Best Player… That’s the Problem.

By Larry Taylor,

David De Gea has solidified his stance as Manchester United’s best player and arguably the world’s best goal keeper after securing Manchester United’s Player of the Year award for the 3rd consecutive season. This accolade follows the Spaniard being named as the PFA goalkeeper of the year, proving his deserved ranking in football.

De Gea has been nothing short of heroic this season. As recently as the F.A Cup semi-final, he saved a penalty goal attempt by Everton striker Romelu Lukaku when the game was 1-0, which United went on to win in stoppage time.

The 25 year-old has come a long way from the scrawny, frantic goal-keeper who fumbled and bumbled in his first season at the club. David De Gea has an aura: He is huge in between the sticks and his very presence causes players to hesitate as they approach goal. Regardless of what happens this season, there’s no doubt United must do everything in their power to keep the Spaniard at the club.

With a goal keeper rightfully taking acclaim to Manchester United’s Player of the year award, it also presents an issue with what is being portrayed in front of the sticks.

Manchester United have scored 43 goals this season; equal with 15th placed Bournemouth, making them the 11th for goals scored in the English premier league.

More damning is the Red Devils ineffectiveness at creating chances, the 4th worst in the league.

Their struggles in attack can be attributed to United’s inconsistent and conservative style of football under Louis Van Gaal. Constantly, we hear the Dutchman speak of his “philosophy”, yet it is difficult to associate a certain style with the Reds.

United’s saving grace has been their defence; only Tottenham have conceded less. However, given the depth United play with in addition with their almost faultless goalkeeper, this does not come as a surprise.

Generally, the club have deployed a 4-2-3-1 formation and have honored the formation to the core. United need to adopt a playing style that frees a midfielder to sit back, allowing the other to push forward on a consistent basis to create and score goals.

There also needs to be freedom given to the attacking players to weave and roam in order to pull a set defense out of position. United have been very static at times this season and this has allowed teams to play defensively, sit deep and generally leave with a result, Leicester City being the most recent example.

What is also evident is the lack of genuine quality and genuine goal scorers in the Manchester United side. Anthony Martial and Wayne Rooney are United’s highest goal scorers in the premier league with 9 and 7 goals respectively. In comparison, Leicester’s winning duo of Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez have 22 and 17 goals this season while Manchester City’s Aguero has 23 goals next to his name.

An established striker who can score goals consistently has been a void since Robin Van Persie’s inaugural season at the club. The Netherlands striker scored 28 goals which coincided with Manchester United winning their 20th and last premier league title

Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford are brilliant talents and will potentially be world class strikers for Manchester United, but a club of the stature and financial power cannot rely on young players to get them success.
Memphis Depay has also had an inconsistent season; though, like many European players before him, an improvement is expected next season.

With a change in playing style and personnel, United can bring the swagger that used to make the Old Trafford faithful sing.

David De Gea is absolute class; but after 3 seasons, it is time Manchester United started placing an emphasis on the opposition’s net.


Your Aussie Correspondent,
Larry – The United Stand.

David de Gea: “I feel loved by the fans”

David de Gea thanks Louis van Gaal and fans for helping him settle back into the team after the Real Madrid transfer fiasco.

The Manchester United goalkeeper recently signed a new contract keeping him at the club until 2019. And although there is reportedly a release clause in the contract, he says that he is enjoying life at Old Trafford and is happy playing for “one of the biggest clubs in the world”.

David de Gea also sheds light on his relationship with United boss Louis van Gaal. He claims that despite the transfer saga, the pair have a normal relationship and describes the Dutchman as a joker.

Talking about his return to playing, he reiterated his appreciation to the fans by saying the reception he received “made the hairs stand up”.

If you would like to read the full article, please do so by visiting the Guardian website by clicking here.

I think I speak for the majority of United fans when I say I am pleased that he stayed and at the way he handled the whole situation throughout the summer.

Lets hope we enjoy many more years of David de Gea between the sticks.