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    Hi, Mark!

    I’m impressed by your channel. I’ve followed it over the past 3 weeks and also viewed some of the old videos related to my interests. I feel you are a genuinely sincere fan who’s running the channel out of passion and without any other ulterior motives. I appreciate such spirit. As long as passion doesn’t turn into a source of livelihood, it helps us progress in life.

    Anyway, I would like to give some inputs.

    I know that after Griezmann, you’ve suffered a meltdown, like any other United fan would. But, let me share with you Mourinho’s ambitious summer plans and they’d cheer you up. He’s a winner and doesn’t settle with mediocrity.

    Our team in his first season was absolutely mediocre. His main intention was to cause an upheaval of the entire team. But, he knew that no winner would come to United without Champions League. That’s why, he patiently toiled with the team for one super long season, while astutely engaging the press and carefully gaining the faith of the fans.

    He was careful enough not to face the backlash of the loyal supporters. At the same time, he was outspoken about the players’ weaknesses. Now, he has the success that he wanted. He won’t think twice to replace every single position with his choice of players.

    He has a great midfield in Pogba and Herrera. That’s where he wishes to build upon. Now, his primary target is a CDM, so that he can play a 433 (as that’s the only system to get the best out of Pogba). At this moment, he’s not thinking long term. It’s already been 4 seasons since United saw success. He’s going for instant success. He’s not Wenger and we are not Arsenal. We are the biggest club in the world and we demand success, not expect. Don’t be surprised if the first-choice CDM is Matic and the second-choice is Dier. If both Chelsea and Spurs play hardball, only then he’ll go to other clubs in Europe. Right now, the only thing that’s stopping our transfers is our colleagues’ failure. We have our targets strong and clear. For Matic, Chelsea need to sign Bakayoko. Their failure is causing us to go for Dier. And, Levy is playing his greedy self and that’s not a good sign either. Nevertheless, we’ll buy one of those two only. Let’s hope that other clubs have good transfers so that we can get our targets.

    In the defense, he made up his mind that Smalling/Rojo/Jones are all mediocre. Smalling will definitely leave as he’s not versatile. But, Rojo/Jones/Blind will stay as they are good squad players. Shaw will most likely stay, but we are going for a new left-back in Kieran Tierney. Valencia will also stay, but we are selling Darmian and buying a new right-back. Valencia is good enough for EPL. He defends well. But, he’s very indecisive in the attack and crosses very less frequently and also poorly. So, we are going for a new right-back in Semedo. Semedo is young, quick and a terrific crosser. He’s not as good as Valencia defensively, but he’ll improve. He’s definitely gonna be our first choice in attacking matches. Lindelof and Bailly is the best CB partnership you can dream of.

    De Gea is leaving. There’s no doubt about that. Donnarumma is coming.

    We wanted Griezmann for our right-sided inside-forward position in the attack. We played Mkhitaryan/Mata/Lingard in that role for the past season. They are all mediocre. Since Griezmann gave us a major blow, we went for Morata. Morata was never our first choice. We didn’t even want him as our main striker. He’s just our backup, in case Griezmann deal didn’t happen.

    Now, you might not believe this, but Ronaldo was on the list. Many insiders knew this in April. But, it was not taken seriously by the media back then because of the absurdity involved in it. Ronaldo wanted to leave Real Madrid, not because of the fans booing or the tax allegations. He wanted to leave because of Asensio and Isco. His goal scoring in the league dropped, not because of his performances, but because of his reduced participation. He believes he has more to offer, but the competition at Real is absolutely incredible now. Asensio is extremely quick and they can’t keep him at bay for one more season. Isco needs to be a regular starter as he’s on par with Messi in creating chances. The only thing Ronaldo can offer is clinical finishing and he can’t act as a lone striker. He is lethal only when Benzema acts as a decoy occupying the CBs. If Asensio and Isco start, Ronaldo will become ineffective. He noticed that and decided to leave Real. He did tell Mendes about that. And, both Jose and Ed were aware of that. But getting Ronaldo from Real needs a miracle. So, they had backups. If Ronaldo deal becomes successful, he’d play on the left-side. And, we’d need a striker. The perfect option is Belotti. He’s a great Targetman. He’ll offer dynamic partnership with Griezmann and Ronaldo. He was our first-choice. So, Mourinho’s dream 3 was Ronaldo, Belotti and Griezmann. If Ronaldo deal didn’t seem likely with Real, then our backup was Perisic. So our second choice was Perisic, Belotti and Griezmann. Obviously, after Griezmann screwed us, our third and worst choice became Perisic, Belotti and Morata.

    But by some miracle, Ronaldo agreed to make the first move. Now, we have a new option, which would be somewhere between our dream and second choice – Ronaldo, Belotti and Morata. Ironically, Torino doesn’t want to sell Belotti. Now, we are looking at Ronaldo, Morata and Perisic option. But, nowhere in hell would Real sell both Morata and Ronaldo. So, our most possible attack for next season is Ronaldo, Belotti and Perisic. They’ll be dynamic (just the way Rooney-Ronaldo-Tevez were) in front, interchanging positions. Rashford, Martial and Mkhitaryan will chip in as good backups. Mata will be used in rotation.

    So far, attack-wise nothing has gone according to Mourinho and Woodward’s plan. Real winning the UCL was a big setback. That made Real lose interest in DDG. Also, after winning the UCL, Ronaldo started having some second thoughts and cooled his desire to leave Real. Only by the miracle of tax-charges, he again decided to leave Spain. You can trust my inside information on this. Ronaldo leaving Madrid is not 10% chance. It is 85% chance. The 15% is only on Real Madrid’s stubbornness. But, I’m sure they’d not want to keep a player beyond his wishes. He’s coming and be happy about that.

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