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    I think many of us fans right now are looking at the Griezmann deal and feeling like our transfer window will end up being Matic, Lindelöf, Perisic, Martin and Dembélé (probably not Dembélé but you know.)

    I think Woodward has been very good in most windows, getting Di Maria, Falcao, Mkhi, Zlatan etc. to come, Griezmann deal is a blow to the plans but it’s not like the Holding mid, central defender, fullback or striker plans should have changed too drastically based off Griezmann not coming, a new number 10 is needed and there are quite a few possibilities.

    I myself would try to get Morata who is going out anyway and try to make a swap deal for Bale, De Gea is someone I love but with the problems we currently have I’d rather bolster the offensive, Move Mkhi to the no 10 role permanently and let Bale become the winger star (and for that matter the pivotal star of the side) offering great pace and all arround play, Morata would boss the prem specially when getting provided for by Rashford, Martial, Mkhitaryan, Bale, Pogba.

    Ofcourse this might not happen at all, if we’re lucky Belotti comes and that would for me be even better and on the other hand we might be quite let down.

    Let’s just give Woodward a chance before we melt down, his job in bringing top drawer players has not failed many times.

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    I wish I could share your optimism, by my thoughts on Woodward are clearly not as confident as yours are….yes he signed Pogba but he was happy to return to United and the fee was in excess of the market at that time. My impression of Woodward is that he is not that sharp an operator, he often gets played by players looking to get a pay rise from their existing club and I get the impression many clubs out there see him as a bit of a fool with bags of cash. I do hope you are correct but fear where we will be at the start of the season.
    Mourinho worked a miracle this year in get two cups out of that team, he is going to be expected to provide a serious challenge to the premiership as well as do well in Europe and if he is going to have a hope in hell we need some pretty impressive signings because our current team is a 6th place team … the league does not lie….

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    I’ll agree with that Mourinho worked wonders in some aspects, I think we could def get the signings we want bar Griezmann, time will tell.
    I will admit thought that I would swap Woodward out if given the option though, Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo from Sevilla could be someone to look at.

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    Sasheel Karthik

    I’m sure that a manager of Jose’s caliber would have a plan B if Griezmann doesn’t come… So let’s calm down and look ahead…

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    Hey Mark. With the AC Milan offer to Torino for Belotti.. The buy out clause at £87M is for abroad countries only. If AC, Juve, Inter etc wanted him, the offer would be considerably less. A £39M offer from Milan isn’t that easy to compete with. We’re forced to pay £87M minimum depending on Toronto’s evaluation and can’t undercut that. We can however and unfortunately get undercut by all competing Italian clubs.

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