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Pat’s Match Review – Huddersfield 1-1 Man United

Another embarrassing and poor performance by a pathetic and spineless Manchester United squad.

Anyone thinking before this match that Manchester United still had a chance of getting inside the top 4 are deluded and can forget about that dream now as the Red Devils will be playing in the Europa League next season once again.

The players looked lost and didn’t know what to do on the pitch throughout. Playing one of the worst Premier League sides in history and yet cannot win and score only one goal. Marcus Rashford the golden boy loved and adored by many after breaking into the squad a few seasons back has looked petulant for many weeks complaining and throwing his arms in the air when things don’t work out for him. There is a serious attitude problem within this squad and there needs to be a massive clear out in the upcoming summer.

Paul Pogba hit the post twice throughout the game giving sparks of life every ten to fifteen minutes which obviously isn’t good enough; however with better players he would have had a bigger impact. Alexis Sanchez might have/hopefully has played his last game in a Manchester United shirt hobbling down the tunnel in the second half.

David De Gea, who has came under some scrutiny in recent weeks pulled off some decent saves but was left with no chance for the Huddersfield goal due to the non existent back four in front of him and Luke Shaw’s poor attempt at intercepting the assist from Huddersfield goalkeeper Jonas Lössl, his second assist against Manchester United.

Tahith Chong came on from the bench and brought a spark to the game, something the fans have been begging for from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Scott McTominay is the only player in that starting eleven who can hold his head high and say he has performed and put all he has on the line for the club and the badge.

These Manchester United players will get showered at the stadium, get on the bus and joke around and go home and act as if they haven’t just embarrassed themselves and the club once again today. They do not care what happens because a lot of them know they have surpassed their expiration date already at the club.

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