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After a turbulent season that included over 60 games, 15 draws and endless amounts of frustration, Manchester United went out on a high, winning the Uefa Europa League trophy and securing Champions League football for next season.

The win also sees the Red Devil’s manager Jose Mourinho secure his third trophy in his first season at the club.

Many pundits and fans alike have had a say on what constitutes a successful season for Manchester United. It was anticipated that United could win the league title given the acquisitions of Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and transfer-record signing Paul Pogba.

However, the 6th place finish in the league, while poor, does not speak of the foundation Jose Mourinho has established.

United had the highest missed chances count in the Premier league with 50 and had the 8th lowest return on goals. However,  Mourinho’s men proved very difficult to break down, conceding a mere 29 goals, only Tottenham had less, and the equal most clean sheets.  This suggests while the Portugese manager has faced challenges with injuries and form, he has instilled a resiliency within Old Trafford that appeared to leave when Sir Alex pulled the curtain on his glitter-filled tenure.

The ‘Special one’ also has instilled some accountability in the squad, shown with rotations of Anthony Martial, Luke Shaw and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. While media outlets suggests this puts players on the outer, it appears to be a challenge from the manager to install a work-ethic and desire for winning, shown in his praise for Marcus Rashford who the Portugese states does not finish training when the rest of the squad does.

Mainstream media outlets will have you believe Paul Pogba has been a ‘flop’ this season, however, the Frenchman was ranked 9th in the league for chances created while hitting the woodwork more than any other player in the league with 9. If half of those attempts at goal go in, his statistics would read differently, however, he did open the scoring for United in the Europa league final which lead to an eventual victory.

Wednesday’s triumph secures United’s pathway into the Uefa Champions League, a minimum target set by the club which allows the Red Devils maximum potential in financial gains but more crucially, the best chance of attracting the high calibre players the club needs.

If United can be condemned and ridden-off as failures while winning three trophies, two of which were difficult cup competitions in the midst of being juggled with other games, what will a squad with Jose Mourinho a year forward with further class players coming in, be able to achieve?

The scene of the Europa league trophy being held high closes the season on a high, but for Manchester United and Jose Mourinho, this is only the beginning.

Your Aussie Red Devil,
Larry (@thelarrytaylor)

Time to Unite behind Wayne Rooney

115: The number of times Wayne Rooney has represented England. 53: the amount in which the ball has found the back of the net courtesy of the English captain; more than any other player. These numbers are associated with only the best of players; those of world-class ability can only achieve.

Yet some “fans” for lack of better term, booed Wayne Rooney. It is of no secret that the Manchester United player is facing the most challenging time of his career. His form has been poor to start the season and he is having his immediate future being doubted by many as each performance goes by.

However, the lack of respect shown to Rooney was nothing short of appalling. The English fans present at the Malta game portrayed a lack of class to a player who has served them with such loyalty over the last decade.

When these individuals boo the United and English captain, do they boo the times be rushed recovery previous to the 2006 and 2014 World Cups? What about the time he lit up the 2004 European championship?

This is why Manchester United fans residing in England have no desire to support the English side. There is a history of English fans disrespecting United players from Beckham, the Neville brothers, Scholes and now Rooney.

Manchester United fans like to say they are the best in the world. Let’s get behind our captain.
Regardless of Rooney’s future performances; regardless of if he never laces his boots again, let Manchester United fans everywhere show the class that is associated with us.

Wayne Rooney is not finished. Over the next month, the world will be able to see if the record goal-scorer can still be a squad player to the benefit of the team.

Everyone around the world who supports this club, support your team; support your captain. Because the best fans in the world support our own.

Next stop Anfield. Over to you, Captain.

Your Aussie Correspondent.

Pogba can lead United to Premier League title!

Tweets, Instagram posts, countless paper articles and a mere sum of $100M have gotten Manchester United Paul Pogba back through the doors at Old Trafford.

In the past three seasons, United have spent excess amounts of funds on players such as Falcao, Angel Di Maria and Anthony Martial; the latter being the only successful purchase. The big spending promised so much but achieved so little.

But this season is different.

Which position should Pogba play?

Whatever country you live in; whatever team you support; every pub you walk into, Paul Pogba and Manchester United are the words after every pint. Now, the challenge for the Manchester United manager is where to utilise his Marquee signing.

There is no doubt Paul Pogba is a central midfielder. History in the Premier league will show a dominant midfielder can play a large role to success. Paul Scholes was a great for Manchester United, but every Red Devils fan will tell you we have been missing ‘something’ since the departure of Roy Keane.

A midfielder to run through a defence; to pick out a pass to break a compressed defence; the ability to grab the game by the scruff of the neck and lead your team to triumph; this is the challenge that is presented to Paul Pogba.

The success of Manchester City’s recent accolades can be attributed to Yaya Toure being hailed as the lynchpin that allowed Aguero, Silva and co. to have a confidence to be ready whenever a ball was there to be taken, because Yaya Toure is a winner.

It is now Paul Pogba’s time to return the favour to our ‘noisy neighbours’.

Pogba is the complete midfielder

Paul Pogba can provide United with the unpredictability that was seriously lacking under Louis Van Gaal as he has the ability to not only pick out a pass but is capable of scoring a goal out of nothing.

Of any midfielder in Serie A last season, the 23 year-old led the way with 12 goals and 10 assists respectively. For a player who did not require a high level of work rate, these are phenomenal numbers.

The speed of the Premier league will entice Pogba’s athletic ability to be exposed to the United faithful. His pace and strength will provide a constant threat and figure for the Reds; a figure missing for over 10 years.

There have been suggestions that Pogba can be operated in a no.10 position; however, why would you want to nullify a player so physically imposing, simply to score goals?

The Frenchman is the complete midfielder. As majestic as he is in the final third, he will be the presence in midfield when teams try to run through the Red Devil’s wall.

We finally got our man, and he might just win us the league.

Rooney happy in midfield role and hopes to extend contract

As Mourinho gets accustomed to the role of Manchester United manager, he will be devising a plan to bring his team back to the top of the premiership. Within those considerations will be captain Wayne Rooney and how to best utilise the record goal-scorer in the team.

According to the Daily Mail, Rooney is eyeing a permanent move to central midfield, a role in which he has been deployed in the latter stages of the season for United and currently for England in the Euros.

The Englishman has acknowledged he is no longer the same player that burst onto the scene with a hat-trick with a canning ability to skip past defenders and place fear into a goalkeeper. Rather, Rooney realises what Sir Alex Ferguson identified three seasons ago: the forward needs to move into midfield to prolong his career at Manchester United.

Wayne Rooney scores hat-trick on United debut against Fenerbahce (Picture:
Wayne Rooney scores hat-trick on United debut against Fenerbahce (Picture:

There is no doubting, while gifted, the Everton-product will need time to adjust into his new role. Rooney’s performance against Russia in the Euros portrayed his ability to dictate the pace of the game while illustrating the skill to execute a long-range pass and pick out a ball for a striker.

However, while effortless, Rooney provided a less-convincing performance against Wales, losing the ball and choosing the wrong pass.

It is worth noting Rooney, while experienced, is fairly new to a midfield role. He is also playing with Eric Dier and Deli Alli: talented, but young footballers who do not have the ability to dictate game-play.

That makes Rooney’s performances for England more difficult, given he is expected to run a game despite playing less than half a season in that position.

This will not be an issue at United with many talented midfielders such as Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin and Carrick who can dictate play, freeing Rooney to push forward as a box-to-box midfielder and present a goal threat.

Wayne Rooney has adopted a midfield role for both club and country (Picture:
Wayne Rooney has adopted a midfield role for both club and country (Picture:

Having played as a first or second striker for the majority of his career, it also provides United with a player who understands the runs a striker will attempt to make.

It will take time, but Wayne Rooney has all the tools to be a success in midfield, thus prolonging his career at Manchester United. With three years to run on the English and Manchester United captain’s contract, time will be afforded for performances to be at a level expected. Mourinho’s recent sentiments suggesting Rooney can retire at United also work into his favour.

He will always have his critics, but expect Rooney to flourish in a midfield role. Who knows? He might just earn himself a stay at Old Trafford for life.

Your Aussie Correspondent,
Larry – The United Stand.

Why Louis Van Gaal was GOOD for Man United

By Larry Taylor (larrytee0)

“This club has big ambitions. I too have big ambitions. Together I’m sure we will make history.” – Louis Van Gaal.

Just over two years later, The Dutchman has left his post as Manchester United manager a year earlier than expected due to the lack of ‘huge ambitions’ being fulfilled. There’s no doubting Louis Van Gaal underperformed in his tenure, however his rein was not fruitless. They say hindsight is a beautiful thing, so with the ink barely dry on the 65 year-old’s compensation package, let’s reflect on the good work of Louis Van Gaal that leaves United in a strong position.

It is easy to forget the circumstances in which the former Netherland’s manager took over the club. Arrival after a 7th place finish under David Moyes, Van Gaal’s minimum expectation was to get the club back into the top four, and ultimately, the champions league.

Although United had an indifferent start to the season with 2 draws and a loss, you still had a feeling things were starting to change at Old Trafford for the better. After the Moyes season, the locker room lacked belief. The ability to look around you and believe in the personnel around you was virtually gone. Van Gaal responded by purchasing Rademal Falcao, at the time, considered one of Europe’s lethal strikers, and Angel Di Maria. The club ultimately finished in 4th place.
The argument here is how does Falcao, a man who scored 4 goals, and Di Maria, who was largely out-of-form, impact the conclusion of the season. The simple fact of the matter is both players came to the club with their names associated with ‘world class’ and ‘winners’. United, for all the dour football, still ended the season in a champions league place. It is not always what a player does on the field, but off it, that generates success. In form or not, if Di Maria or Falcao are playing next to you on the field, you want to be a better player.

Chris Smalling celebrates scoring in United's 4-2 win over City (Picture:
Chris Smalling celebrates scoring in United’s 4-2 win over City (Picture:
For all the inconsistencies, Van Gaal also performed against the bigger clubs. When United really needed to rally towards the end of the season, Manchester United came out and defeated Tottenham 3-0 in arguably their best display of the season. Later in the month, United also defeated Liverpool at Anfield to complete the double over the scousers and a resounding and entertaining 4-2 victory against Manchester City. Criticise the man all you want, victories against our two biggest rivals and making the Champions League at Liverpool’s expense earns praise.

This season has been more disappointing, but I have to praise the Dutchman’s promotion of the youth. Say what you will about Van Gaal being ‘forced’ to play the youth, but ultimately, he left his squad smaller to promote the younger players.

Van Gaal stated: “It is the way I lead this club. I don’t want a big selection because when you have a big selection it doesn’t give any chance to the young players,”

The former Bayern Munich man went into the season with 21 outfield players. To add support to the argument, the former Ajax manager did in fact send many players on loan and despite many questionable decisions, it would be difficult to prove Van Gaal did not expect injuries to occur throughout the season.

Anthony Martial is arguably the most promising teenager in world football. He has scored 17 goals this season, by far the most goals in the Manchester United squad, and whether purchased for Giggs or not, ‘LVG’ still approved the go-ahead.

The find of the season is definitely Marcus Rashford. He had a stunning debut against Midtjylland, scoring a double but he really announced himself just two days later with a stunning set of goals against Arsenal.

Marcus Rashford scores v Midjtylland
Marcus Rashford scores v Midjtylland (Picture:
The circumstances that lead to Rashford’s debut, granted, may have been unavoidable. But the Dutchman did not have to continuously play the academy product. He had deployed Memphis at striker earlier in the season and had Januzaj, who he claimed could be a striker, available. He chose to stick with Rashford.

The Dutchman also brought Timothy Fosu-Mensah, who was nothing short of outstanding in his few appearances, to the club from Ajax last season who the Old Trafford faithful are happy to praise.

Finally, the maligned manager secured the club the F.A Cup, the clubs first trophy in the post Sir Alex Ferguson era and the club’s first trophy in 3 years. An extra-time goal by a Manchester United academy product in Jesse Lingard was celebrated by many as he lived out our dreams: To score a decisive goal in a big game for the club we love.

I will not defend Louis Van Gaal’s failures. On a broader scale, he failed to reach expectations, made confusing decisions in his squad management and had the club playing a very negative brand of football, returning the worst goal return in the club’s time in the premier league. He also failed to make the top 4, and he has paid for it with his job.

All-in-all, it is worth remembering Manchester City beat United to 4th place on goal difference. When you look at the squad of City, and all the faults of United, it is evident the red side of Manchester really is not in as bad a shape as the English press would have you believe.

But the enormity of his job needs to be acknowledged. Lots of players needed to be moved on and lots of promising players needed to be unearthed. Regardless of how it has come about, this part of the task has been completed. There’s no doubting that Manchester United has a squad to build on for the future.

Your Aussie Correspondent,

Larry – The United Stand.

See some of Van Gaal’s funniest moments below or by clicking here:

SHOW STOPPER | Lingard wonder strike wins the FA Cup

By Larry Taylor (@larrytee0)

Louis Van Gaal; dour football; underwhelming results; unhappy players – today, that does not matter. There are various questions surrounding the future of Old Trafford but Jesse Lingard gave the Red Devils’ a taste of the past as the Salford-born forward struck a wonder goal in extra time to win Manchester United the FA Cup.

The first half was a dour affair. Manchester United controlled majority of the possession and looked the more energetic of the two sides, however, conjectured little. Palace also had some moments, most notably through winger Wilfred Zaha when Daley Blind lost possession, only to be spared his blushes by Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney winning the ball back.

The second half presented much of the same and was in much need of change, which unfortunately for United, came in the form of Jason Puncheon who opened the scoring in the 78th minute, putting Palace in the lead. United needed to respond quickly and up stood Wayne Rooney.

The 30 year-old has had his critics but the striker-come-midfielder surged through midfield with precise dribbling and crossed the ball into the box, Juan Mata the beneficiary as United drew level.

Extra-time had both fans on edge and the players portrayed the same. The game looked certain to go to penalties; however, the game took a turn when Chris Smalling foolishly committed another foul and received his marching orders after a second yellow card.

The United we have come to see his season would have sat back, and played for penalties. Common sense, if anything, would suggest anything but would be a risk; a word not associated with Van Gaal’s ‘philosophy’.

Up stands Jesse Lingard. Antonio Valencia pushes forward, delivers a cross and the academy product hits the ball on the half volley and wins the game for Manchester United. It was a fitting finish that a Manchester United local had the decisive say in the result, providing fans with some hope for the future.

The F.A Cup is a wonderful achievement for Manchester United, their first since 2004, and more significantly, the first trophy since Sir Alex Ferguson retired after 26 years in charge. The win however, does not take away from what has been a disappointing season. Louis Van Gaal under-achieved this season and seems certain to lose his job, with Jose Mourinho lurking in the shadows.

But today, that does not matter. This season, United have barely dared to play football, But Lingard’s heroics provided fans with some hope going into the future. You can take the boy out of Manchester, but you cannot take the Manchester out of the boy.

Your Aussie Correspondent,
Larry – The United Stand

Louis Van GONE | United fire blanks as Top 4 slips away

By Larry Taylor (@larrytee0)

After Manchester United lost for the second time to Arsenal in 2006, the great Sir Alex Ferguson said: “Only true champions come out and show their worth after defeat- and I expect us to do that”.

This time, Arsenal provided the keys to the top 4 and put them in Manchester United’s hands. Win your final two games and secure Champions League football. It appears a foregone conclusion that the Red Devils would have all the motivation they need to put their best foot forward and obtain this goal.

But it didn’t happen. In case you hadn’t heard (you’ve heard), this was the final game at Upton Park, and the West Ham fans made sure the Manchester United players knew it. From the kick-off, United were off the pace. West Ham were not brilliant by any means; they simply out-enthused Manchester United. Every header, every loose-ball, West Ham were a step closer than United.

United found themselves down 1-0 after 10 minutes and failed to create any rhythm or continuity to their play through-out the first half.

The 2nd half saw United start fast, and like many other occasions, it took brilliance from 20 year-old Anthony Martial who scored a brace of goals in the space of 25 minutes, and put Manchester United in the lead. It was there. Right in this moment, Manchester United are in the top 4. 10 minutes later, it was all over.

A few set-pieces and horrible defending later, United found themselves losing 3-2. The wait for the kitchen-sink to be thrown in search for much needed goals was evident in the heart beat of every Manchester United fan – but it never came. Not a single shot. United lose the game and again, give the advantage back to Manchester City.

The situation Manchester United find themselves in sits solely on Louis Van Gaal’s shoulders. Granted, players performed horribly; but it is the manager’s responsibility to prepare his team to perform to the best of their potential.


Marcus Rojo has been out of form for the best part of a month, yet fails to get dropped. United needed a goal, so the Dutchman brings on Adnan Januzaj who has had an appalling season. These are the moments where you have to question why Danny Welbeck, Chichartio and Robin Van Persie have been allowed to leave the club when the bench had no strikers available.


United were only in this fortuitous position due to Manchester City’s inconsistent form since the announcement of Pep Guardiola’s imminent arrival. In 2 seasons, Louis Van Gaal has diminished everything that Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Matt Busby took years to build.

After being handed the keys, Louis Van Gaal handed them right back to City without a fight. One level of praise towards the much-maligned manager is the signing of Anthony Martial; but the fact that United’s go-to man is a 20 year old in his first season at the club, says everything this wrong with the current state of the squad.


All season, United legends, pundits and fans have criticised the manner of which the Red Devils play their football, but it never changes. Louis Van Gaal was a great manager, but his inability to adapt to modern football will be his downfall and should cost him his job.

Thank you for bringing through some promising players, but it is time to go. The club is a rabble; creative players have lost their confidence to express themselves; new signings have been misused and as a result, affected and most importantly, the club has lost their identity.

Good bye, Louis. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
Your Aussie Correspondent,

Larry – The United Stand.

David De Gea is Manchester United’s Best Player… That’s the Problem.

By Larry Taylor,

David De Gea has solidified his stance as Manchester United’s best player and arguably the world’s best goal keeper after securing Manchester United’s Player of the Year award for the 3rd consecutive season. This accolade follows the Spaniard being named as the PFA goalkeeper of the year, proving his deserved ranking in football.

De Gea has been nothing short of heroic this season. As recently as the F.A Cup semi-final, he saved a penalty goal attempt by Everton striker Romelu Lukaku when the game was 1-0, which United went on to win in stoppage time.

The 25 year-old has come a long way from the scrawny, frantic goal-keeper who fumbled and bumbled in his first season at the club. David De Gea has an aura: He is huge in between the sticks and his very presence causes players to hesitate as they approach goal. Regardless of what happens this season, there’s no doubt United must do everything in their power to keep the Spaniard at the club.

With a goal keeper rightfully taking acclaim to Manchester United’s Player of the year award, it also presents an issue with what is being portrayed in front of the sticks.

Manchester United have scored 43 goals this season; equal with 15th placed Bournemouth, making them the 11th for goals scored in the English premier league.

More damning is the Red Devils ineffectiveness at creating chances, the 4th worst in the league.

Their struggles in attack can be attributed to United’s inconsistent and conservative style of football under Louis Van Gaal. Constantly, we hear the Dutchman speak of his “philosophy”, yet it is difficult to associate a certain style with the Reds.

United’s saving grace has been their defence; only Tottenham have conceded less. However, given the depth United play with in addition with their almost faultless goalkeeper, this does not come as a surprise.

Generally, the club have deployed a 4-2-3-1 formation and have honored the formation to the core. United need to adopt a playing style that frees a midfielder to sit back, allowing the other to push forward on a consistent basis to create and score goals.

There also needs to be freedom given to the attacking players to weave and roam in order to pull a set defense out of position. United have been very static at times this season and this has allowed teams to play defensively, sit deep and generally leave with a result, Leicester City being the most recent example.

What is also evident is the lack of genuine quality and genuine goal scorers in the Manchester United side. Anthony Martial and Wayne Rooney are United’s highest goal scorers in the premier league with 9 and 7 goals respectively. In comparison, Leicester’s winning duo of Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez have 22 and 17 goals this season while Manchester City’s Aguero has 23 goals next to his name.

An established striker who can score goals consistently has been a void since Robin Van Persie’s inaugural season at the club. The Netherlands striker scored 28 goals which coincided with Manchester United winning their 20th and last premier league title

Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford are brilliant talents and will potentially be world class strikers for Manchester United, but a club of the stature and financial power cannot rely on young players to get them success.
Memphis Depay has also had an inconsistent season; though, like many European players before him, an improvement is expected next season.

With a change in playing style and personnel, United can bring the swagger that used to make the Old Trafford faithful sing.

David De Gea is absolute class; but after 3 seasons, it is time Manchester United started placing an emphasis on the opposition’s net.


Your Aussie Correspondent,
Larry – The United Stand.

VAN GONE | United dent Top 4 Hopes

By Larry Taylor

Attack! Attack! Attack! United came out of the blocks, displaying offensive intent as they hosted Leicester, who with a win, would secure the Premier League title.

The Red Devils’ were rewarded in the 8th minute when Anthony Martial was on the receiving end of an Antonio Valencia cross, placing the ball under Leicester ‘keeper Schmichael, giving United a 1-0 lead.

The Reds’ were in the ascendency and had a glorious opportunity to extend their lead in the 14th minute when Jesse Lingard had a shot thudded away by Schmichael, maintaining the pressure and having the United faithful applauding the antics.

To their credit, Leicester fought back and got a goal back when Morgan out-muscled Marcus Rojo and head the ball in to bring the game level. Unfortunately for United, they never recovered and outside of a header by Chris Smalling in the closing moments of the game, Manchester United never looked like scoring the goal they needed.

With Leicester needing a mere two points to win the league pre-game, the Foxes were happy to sit back while counter attack where ever they could. Leicester came for a draw and given United’s struggles to break teams down, it was no surprise they got the result they came for.

But this meant more for United. Considering a top 4 spot was touching distance and Manchester City had lost against Southampton later in the day, fans sat in anticipation of the proverbial kitchen sink to be thrown.

Sir Alex on the touch-line pulls off a defensive midfielder for a striker, tells Rio Ferdinand to push forward and give the opposition nightmares until we got the desired result. That’s Manchester United; that is what that emblem represents – or at least, represented.

Now, with 7 minutes remaining, Blind and Smalling interchange in passes while Herrera and Memphis are given 16 and 8 minutes respectively to make an impact. It is illogical and is the type of complacency that should see Louis Van Gaal lose his job at season’s end.

The Dutchman’s team selections were again maligned. Fellaini has played well in the last few weeks and probably deserved his spot; but he was ineffective; slowed play down and was an elbow graze away from a red card.
You also have to question why Argentinian international Marcus Rojo continues to be picked. The defender was at fault for the goal and struggled against PFA Player of the Year Riyad Mahrez. He packs the composure and pace to be a consistent left back at Manchester United and is terribly out of form. Considering his bright performances and great crossing ability, it is surprising Cameron Borthwick-Jackson has not been afforded an opportunity as of late.
As it stands, Manchester United still have a mathematical chance to make the top 4. Realistically, Manchester United would need Arsenal to beat Manchester City with the hope they will drop points in their last two games. Even so, given Van Gaal’s 50% win rate and the inconsistencies, I sadly cannot see it happening.

Your Aussie Correspondent,
Larry – The United Stand.

Mourinho OFFICIAL? Why LVG Will Leave

Is it official? All the innuendo would appear to be over according to The Express, alleging Jose Mourinho will be Manchester United manager next season with an announcement imminent over the next two weeks.

Despite this claim, there have to be doubts as to whether the deal is over the line. Approximately one month ago, it was reported by Inter president Bedy Moratti that the Portugese was a ‘done deal’; however, no announcement by Manchester United or Louis Van Gaal would suggest this being the case.

To add fuel to the fire that is the United job, Spanish expert Balague has claimed the deal is not done, even suggesting Louis Van Gaal could stay at Old Trafford. Given the FA Cup success and United still being in contention for the top 4, it would be a risk to assume the Dutchman is leaving.

There seems to be a much maligned fear amongst Red Devils’ fans that Van Gaal may keep his job if he secures the FA Cup and a top 4 finish, and perhaps even without a champions league place.

This would be a mistake. Regardless of whether Manchester United finish in the top 4 with the addition of an FA Cup, the inconsistent, poor performances of this season cannot be forgotten.

It is worth noting Wigan secured an FA Cup win in the same season they were relegated. Hull City also made an FA Cup final before being relegated. An FA Cup does not undo the standard United currently stand.

Here’s hoping Mourinho’s arrival is upon us. Until then, watch the clown on the unicycle juggling balls while the circus that is the United job continues.

Your Aussie Correspondant, Larry – The United Stand