Griezmann Sets New Wage Demands

According to a reported interview between an Old Trafford insider and the Sun: Griezmann has increased his wage demands since last summer; from from £290,000/week to £400,000/week.

Griezmann is currently on £125,000/week and has reportedly moved the goal posts for his wage demands after observing what other stars have been offered over the last six months. United were set to make him the joint top earner alongside Pogba, however, if he does get the wages he wants he’ll be one of the top five footballer earners in the world.

Here’s what was said by the Old Trafford Source to the Sun:

“The goalposts have moved significantly since the first attempt to sign Griezmann.”

“The package offered last year which was agreed is now a lot less than what he wants next summer.”

“It might be too much even for us to afford. The club is desperate to sign him but it is an awful lot of money.”

“His people are making different demands which the club might be reluctant to give in to.”

You’ll notice that not figures were mentioned in this snippet, so the £400,000/week figure could be pure speculation from the Sun. However, if we were offering him £290,000 last summer and the goal posts have ‘moved significantly’ from last summer, you’d suggest that £400,000/week can’t be too far off.

£400,000/week is a lot of money. However, it was only last season were we paying the then 34 year old striker Ibrahimovic £367,000/week. It would mean breaking our wage record to get our man, as well as paying the £89mil to trigger his release clause. I think negotiations will knock the wage down slightly, but as Mourinho says; if you don’t pay the money, you don’t get the player. Would a player receiving this sort of wage unsettle the dressing room?

Current top 10 earners in the world
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If he gets the wage demands he’s after, he’ll be the third highest paid player in the world outside of China; behind Messi and Neymar. There are many United fans out there that are already sceptical of Man Utd signing Griezmann on his current form, this certainly will not help. I still really want him at United, and I hope and believe that Man Utd and Griezmann can meet in the middle somewhere.

What do you think? What wage would be acceptable to you, or do you think we should be looking elsewhere and not even attempt negotiations?

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