Bale Rumours Resurface – Madrid want £85mil

No transfer window would feel complete without speculation of Gareth Bale to Man Utd. Bale is back from his calf injury and scored a goal in Madrid’s game in the Copa del Rey match last weekend and a further two goals in the first half of this evening’s match against Celta Vigo.

As we are all well aware Bale is an injury prone player, especially since he’s been at Real Madrid. As a result of his injury record and Madrid trying to free up funds for summer spending; it’s been rumoured that Real Madrid are looking to cash in on Bale for £85mil. In today’s market, I think he’s well worth it.

My theory on Bale’s injury problems are based on a number of factors. Playing at Real Madrid he’s playing in a team with Ronaldo; a player he was being compared to and was the player he was supposed to be replacing in the longer term. This is an almost impossible expectation, but the work ethic of Ronaldo means Bale needs to work that little bit harder. With Bale putting in the work in the gym, I believe he is putting too much strain on his body making him much more likely to pick up an injury. This is a problem he will not have at Man Utd, therefore will pick up fewer injuries.

The other aspect is the spoilt fan base that dislike Bale for reason’s only Madrid fans will know; this also puts pressure on Bale to perform, work hard in training and the gym. This will not happen at Man Utd as our fan base would embrace Bale as we’re crying out for someone of his skillset and class.

This transfer is being seen as possible this month by some fans and the media: However, with Bale’s resurgent form, Madrid maybe reluctant to let him go or be tempted to move the goal posts to a higher valuation. They’ve done it before!

I would take Bale at £85mil. He’s in great shape, works hard, he’s aggressive and is Premier League proven. At £85mil, I think he’d be a great addition and I believe he’ll have the freedom to play football and not be required to over-exert himself in the gym keeping up with the world’s best player.

Would you take him? Have your say below!

Jason Bowditch

Supported United since the days of the yellow and green Sharp Jersey! Looking forward to Jose taking us back to the glory days of old. We're stepping in the right direction. Exciting times! Come on the lads!

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