Jose’s ‘Desire is to Stay’ at Manchester United

There has been a lot of ‘garbage’ in the press spreading yet more fake news about the club we all love. Last night the press published articles scaremongering United fans about Jose’s future at Manchester United. Jose confirmed the news was ‘garbage’. Will the press issue an apology? There’s more chance of Man City filling the Emptihad.

Jose was asked straight away if there was any truth behind the reports in the press. He said: ‘If you want to speak about some news, I say garbage. I don’t find a better word to define… the talk.

He continued: ‘If you want to ask me directly, which I suppose you want: If I see myself next season, in Manchester United. I say; I see myself, and as I told when I arrive, I am going to leave when the club wants me to leave.

I have no intention at all (to leave), my intention is to stay and to work and to improve and to bring the club to where the club belongs. And I want to stay!

I don’t see any reason for not to stay.’ ‘I still have a contract, in fact in the middle of my contract, I’m not in the last couple of months.

My desire is to stay until the owners and the board is happy with my work.

I am ecstatic that Mourinho has once again pledged his future to Man United, as winning managers are scarce in today’s football. All that needs to happen now it for the board of Manchester United to both offer Jose a contract extension, and to back him in the transfer market.

Great news for most United fans!

Jason Bowditch

Supported United since the days of the yellow and green Sharp Jersey! Looking forward to Jose taking us back to the glory days of old. We're stepping in the right direction. Exciting times! Come on the lads!

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