Fifteen Match Review – Man Utd Make More Ground

We’re approaching the half way point of the season; and from our position last season we had a lot of ground to make up on our top six rivals. We made great ground in the first five matches, then ended up 1 point worse off from the same fixtures last season during period; match week 6-10. So how did we get on during the last five matches in comparison to last season?

Result Comparison 2016/17 – 2017/18
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As you can see Man Utd have done exceptionally well in comparison to the same fixtures last season. Eight points better off and 14 goals better off in goal difference. Unfortunately we didn’t make it a perfect five games with the loss to Chelsea, but we still ended up 3 goals better off. Eight possible ‘bonus points’ from a potential 11 is a very good return.

From the first 15 matches, how many points and goal difference are teams better or worse off from the same fixtures they played last season. For ease relegated teams Hull City, Middlesbrough and Sunderland have been replaced by Newcastle, Brighton and Huddersfield respectively.

Here’s how clubs have compared:
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Despite Man City being the top and totalling an increase of 14 points compared to fixtures last season; during the last five matches, Man Utd have actually closed the gap on City by three points and 10 goals. We’ve increased the gap on Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool by; 16 pts, 8pts, 8pts and 6pts respectively. Which means, if all remaining fixtures were to be exactly the same as last season, the top of the table would look pretty tight.

This is how the table will look from the changes in the first 15 games if the remaining results remained the same as 16/17:
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As we can see, Man Utd have jumped from a theoretical sixth place after game week 10 to third place after game week 15. We’re heading in the right direction, just need to keep this positive momentum going!

What points can Man Utd make up in the next five fixtures from last season?
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Some tricky fixtures, but there’s only one that really stands out: Man Utd vs Man City. If we beat them on the weekend, it’ll cut the gap at the top of the theoretical table from 12 points to 6 points. This is quite literally a six pointer for the top of the table. Fingers crossed we come out on the right side.

From the next five matches we could gain an extra seven points on last season! How many do you think we are likely to achieve?

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