Ten Match Review – Have We Made Any Ground on Last Season?

We’ve hit the 10 match milestone in the season, and as Rio says this is where you can start getting your baring on how the season is starting to unfold.

As we saw from the five match review earlier this season, United made some great progress against the rest of the top six (with the exception of Manchester City): Gaining nine points on Spurs and six points on Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool from the same set of fixtures last season.

How did match week 6-10 go compared to the same fixtures last season? (As in the 5 match review, the teams relegated have been replaced by the teams promoted in the order of league finishes).
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Man Utd dropped one point and one goal worse off from last season over the results of the last 5 matches in comparison with the same fixture last season. There was only a maximum of four points we could have gained by beating Southampton and Liverpool, which were both draws last season. However, the big setback was the shock defeat away against Huddersfield.

This is how all the teams in the Premiership have compared since last season. Who has improved over the first 10 matches, and who is really struggling?
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Watford are the only team that is better off by over 10 points in comparison to last season. West Brom, West Ham and Everton are all really struggling so far this season. Regarding the top six only one team is worse off in comparison and that’s Chelsea, being 8 points worse off and 9 goals worse off in terms of goal difference and that’s a result of a drop of goals scored.

Man Utd are still doing well and are still on course to at least challenge for the title. We’ve gained three points from a possible eight since the start of the season; therefore on the same ratio we would gain 17 points giving us 86 points in total by the end of the season – enough to win the league? It’ll certainly be enough to challenge.

Updated Top Six Table (If the rest of the results remain the same as 16/17)
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Man Utd have already cut the 24 point deficit to last season’s champions Chelsea to 13 points (Almost half in only 10 games!). We’re gaining on most of the teams above and we will continue to improve on last season’s ‘drosses’ against teams we should have been beating last season.

What points could be gained in the next five games?
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Four of the next five fixtures Man Utd dropped points last season which means if we do well we could gain a maximum of 11 points which is a significant amount in terms of the season. Big five games coming up and it won’t be easy; but looking at the fixtures, they’re all very winnable games (especially with Mourinho’s tactical ability to get one over on any manager in the league.)

Onwards an upwards. Let’s keep the wins coming, ticking off the points, improving on last season’s results and start to build the pressure on our title rivals! Can’t wait for the weekend!

Jason Bowditch

Supported United since the days of the yellow and green Sharp Jersey! Looking forward to Jose taking us back to the glory days of old. We're stepping in the right direction. Exciting times! Come on the lads!

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