Serge Aurier’s Defensive & Offensive Comparison

With this transfer story picking up speed and Aurier’s court case taking place tomorrow; just how well has he performed over the last few seasons, how similar is he to Valencia and how does he compare to Kyle Walker?

Firstly, Aurier and Valencia play predominantly as a right back and but are utilised as right wing backs with their pace and ability to knock a ball past an opponent. They’re both very powerful players and both put in strong clinical challenges letting opposition strikers know they’re there. Over the last 5 years both players have been used in a variety of positions. Just how versatile are each of the players, which positions have they been utilised in over the last 5 seasons?

League Matches – Positions Played since 2012/13
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From their recent playing experience we can deduce that Aurier has spent a larger amount of time playing Right Back in comparison to Valencia. Aurier has also spent a lot more time in defensive positions – 94% compared to Valencia’s 52%. Valencia does make a brilliant RB especially for someone who has had to re-develop his game to fill that position. However, if we signed Aurier, who’s a natural Right Back, it would mean rotation between the two or it could give us the option of releasing Valencia further up the wing as an extra option for games we need width.

Aurier would cost Man Utd around £27mil. With our rivals across the city spending big on their wing backs let’s compare Aurier with someone who’s costing Man City almost double what we would need to pay for Serge. The three RB’s we’re comparing are brilliant at going forward but it’s still primarily a defensive position. So let’s look at their defensive stats first:
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Firstly Aurier is the youngest in comparison. Younger isn’t always better, but it means he’s still to hit his prime years and he can improve and develop as time goes on. Aurier has had the most tackles by a significant margin, so it’s not surprising that he is also the player that on average commits the most fouls per game. So to make it interesting, I calculated the ratio between successful tackles to fouls committed. For every one foul Aurier commits he’s made up for by having 2.43 tackles in the same period. This is again the best in comparison. Serge has the best record for interceptions made and the best average rating.

The only thing Walker has beaten Aurier in, in terms of defensive stats, is the clearances; but this could be explained by Aurier and Valencia carrying the ball out of defence more often than clearing their lines. In conclusion. defensively, Aurier appears better than Walker (£50mil) and Valencia.

So why the big price difference? Could it be Walkers offensive side to the game? Let’s take a look at the stats over the last five seasons.
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Despite Aurier playing most of his matches in defensive positions compared to Valencia, Serge has over double the amount of goals and 3 more assists making him a very dangerous going forward. Valencia is more effective in terms of goals and assists than £50mil Walker making Serge Aurier appear like the bargain of the Century.

To summarise, Serge Aurier would be a great addition and he’s a genuine Right Back that’ll play in his natural position. He’s got the best defensive record and best offensive stats. He’s has a very high 7.4 rating on average over the last 5 seasons. Considering he looks a better prospect than Kyle Walker who was bought for £45mil rising to £50mil, for Aurier to be available for £27mil seems like day light robbery.

He’s a lot younger than Valencia at only 24 years old, so he’d be a great right back for the long term future. The only concern is his attitude, but with a Manager like Mourinho at the helm, I think he’ll be able to temper Aurier’s attitude and get the best out of him. I’d be ecstatic with this signing and think he’ll get the crowd on their feet with his strength and power in the tackle, and fast direct running down the right wing. Hopefully all goes well in his Court Trial tomorrow so he can complete his transfer to Man Utd. Fingers crossed!

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Serge Aurier is also one of the best fullbacks at crossing.