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GUEST BLOG: The world is against Jose, he needs our support

As a devoted fan of football, I know first-hand how easy it is to react badly to what may be regarded as a poor performance. It is also understandable to share ones frustrations with fellow fans, after witnessing what could be considered as inept finishing in front of goal against Burnley.

A fact that goes some way to quell such frustrations; there were thirty seven attempts on goal, this was United’s best performance this season. These facts go some way to ease the pain. I am passionate and want to see my team win, of course. I also want to see my team play well. What I don’t want, especially at this stage of the year, is to be a part of the anti Mourinho band wagon.

Mourinho’s task was never going to be that simple. The board dithered when seeking to resolve Louis Van Gaal’s tenure. Even with the FA Cup win against his name, supporters were unified on one thing; Van Gaal’s time had run its course.

We needed a new manager who would remove the deadwood from the club; deadwood which had arrived towards the end of Sir Alex’s tenure, and under the clouded judgement of David Moyes; restoring it to better times in fortune and in style.

I am aghast at the negative press that, our manager, Mourinho is currently receiving. But he is in good company because things were not always rosy for Sir Alex. There were times when teams under Sir Alex didn’t get the win, didn’t always perform. We must remember the good with the bad and with that be measured on what it actually takes to manage and be successful in football and especially a club the size of Manchester United.

I, for one, will whole heartedly support Jose Mourinho. He is at the start of his time at the club as a manager, and according to some it has been a difficult start.

But let us look at him not just as a manager but also as a husband and father; he must miss his family as they still reside in London. In our daily lives we take these things for granted from our loved ones: a smile, a hug, a kind word when things aren’t right, or when we doubt our own ability.

If as a manager you place these things as being important for the players, or the staff, under your care, then as fans we can take the same stance and place his happiness and wellbeing as an important element in the clubs success now and in the future.

I would only hope that those in charge of the club; directors, chief executive officers and shareholders give him the same consideration. I have often wondered if Mourinho were a player would the club have not gone above and beyond to source a home for him and his family, as a measure of their respect for him and his wellbeing.

The point I am trying to make, again with references to being a player first, you need to be fit and good, in body and mind. This comes about in many ways; the support of friends and family.

However, Mourinho he does not have immediate access to this level of support. Despite having the self-imposed title of the special one, it is important that we do not treat him any differently to our fellow man. If your friend needed support and a kind word, would you not be there for them?

We are United, are we not?

I am not suggesting that this is the fix needed to bring about the changes in the club position or fortune. It is however, an important element. For all of the brash attitude and bravado, he is an employee of our club as well as being the manager.

The press may not like him; and certain other managers may not like him, but I like him and I will back him. This isn’t to say that he won’t get things wrong, every manager gets things wrong: people get things wrong. I will not, however, be a part of the current harking back to his time at Chelsea, where players just downed tools.

In relation to his previous clubs where things may not have gone well at times; I will just simply ignore and offer him my support. I am only interested in what he will do now and in the future as manager of our club.

I am only interested in supporting him now and in the future. I simply want Jose Mourinho to be a success at Manchester United, because if he isn’t, then who will be? What do you want?

By Rodney Reid
Follow Rodney: @RAVR68

Paul Gardiner

Webmaster, Writer, Editor and Podcast host for The United Stand. An avid Manchester United supporter since I can remember.

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