Wayne Rooney celebrates scoring for United (Picture: thesun.co.uk)

Time to Unite behind Wayne Rooney

115: The number of times Wayne Rooney has represented England. 53: the amount in which the ball has found the back of the net courtesy of the English captain; more than any other player. These numbers are associated with only the best of players; those of world-class ability can only achieve.

Yet some “fans” for lack of better term, booed Wayne Rooney. It is of no secret that the Manchester United player is facing the most challenging time of his career. His form has been poor to start the season and he is having his immediate future being doubted by many as each performance goes by.

However, the lack of respect shown to Rooney was nothing short of appalling. The English fans present at the Malta game portrayed a lack of class to a player who has served them with such loyalty over the last decade.

When these individuals boo the United and English captain, do they boo the times be rushed recovery previous to the 2006 and 2014 World Cups? What about the time he lit up the 2004 European championship?

This is why Manchester United fans residing in England have no desire to support the English side. There is a history of English fans disrespecting United players from Beckham, the Neville brothers, ScholesĀ and now Rooney.

Manchester United fans like to say they are the best in the world. Let’s get behind our captain.
Regardless of Rooney’s future performances; regardless of if he never laces his boots again, let Manchester United fans everywhere show the class that is associated with us.

Wayne Rooney is not finished. Over the next month, the world will be able to see if the record goal-scorer can still be a squad player to the benefit of the team.

Everyone around the world who supports this club, support your team; support your captain. Because the best fans in the world support our own.

Next stop Anfield. Over to you, Captain.

Your Aussie Correspondent.


Larry is an Australian journalist for The United Stand, giving his view from down under.

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