Chris Smalling suffers food poisoning in Bali (Picture:

Smalling suffers food poisoning

As we saw the pictures of Mourinho arriving at Manchester Piccadilly to start work early, a different kind of story broke.

A picture emerged on Social Media of United central defender Chris Smalling in a neck brace and laying on a gurney, and for one moment, we all thought the same, ‘PLEASE DON’T BE INJURED.’

Last season Smalling was a standout player in a defence that was almost ever changing due to injuries and with that image in mind United fans were left praying, ‘please don’t let it be serious.’

Further news of the story then started to leak, and at first, we were led to believe that he had been stung by a jellyfish whilst on the last few days of his holiday in Bali; which would just be typical after the luck that the England team had in France last week.

Smalling has been given the all clear

The story caused so much concern among fans that United released an official statement to clarify the situation on their website. They informed us that it was in fact Chris Smalling in the picture, however, the cause of illness was not from a jelly fish sting but because of food poisoning which resulted in him fainting.

He has since been given the all clear and will continue with his vacation in Bali before reporting back to training later in the month.

As mentioned Mourinho has officially started his work with Manchester United today and posted up pictures to his personal Instagram page showing him on holiday with the caption “Always working”. He’ll be expected to have his first press conference on Tuesday 05/07/2016 and discuss in further detail his future plans for Manchester United.

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